Windows 8.1 Launch Date

By | October 2, 2013

The official conference of Windows 8.1 Preview took place in San Francisco. After conferring, Windows 8.1 Preview and Features were launched by Microsoft. As expected that Windows 8.1 has upgraded with new features and also fix all the issues which occurred in Windows 8. In Preview version of Windows 8.1, it looks better than Windows 8 or we can say that Windows 8.1 is what Windows 8 should have been for the users.

Windows 8.1 Preview : – Microsoft made their fans happy by providing the free download preview of Windows 8.1 for everyone. Microsoft also proves that they hear the feedbacks of the users as they launched Windows 8.1 preview with a feature of the Start button in it and users can also boot their system into the desktop. Microsoft also said that nowadays it can’t be suitable to update the Windows features on regularly basis, so they launched Windows 8.1 with approximate 700 improvements as compared to Windows 8.

Windows 8.1 Features: – Microsoft launched Windows 8.1 with a number of new features in it, which are very beneficial for the user point of view. The developers have done a lot of hard work to build Windows 8.1 more functional and easier than Windows 8. Some of the major updates or features of Windows 8.1 are as follows:-

Start Button: – Microsoft again comes back with Start button in its Windows 8.1. It is the biggest change in the Windows 8.1. Many of the users give negative feedbacks on Windows 8 due to the removal of the Start button in it. So it is also the demanding change wanted by users.

Snap View: – Microsoft also worked on the view of Windows 8.1. In Windows 8.1, you can easily snap 4 applications vertically on screen at one time, which is much better as compared to Windows 8 which had the function of snapping 2 applications side by side on screen at one time.

SkyDrive: – The developers worked on the skydive and made this skydive more prominent in Windows 8.1.

Photo Apps: – In Windows 8.1, the photo apps are more effective than Windows 8 photo apps. In Windows 8.1 photo apps, you can edit, update and change effects in images very easily. Some tweaking features are also applied in photo applications like effects and selective focus.

More Personalization Options In Start Screen: – There are more personalization options on the Start screen of Windows 8.1. So that you can easily customize your desktop screen according to your choice.

On-Screen Keyboard: – Windows 8.1 come with this unique feature of on screen keyboard. This will provide a lot more comfort to users and this is a very smart move made by Microsoft. It is a user friendly upgradation through which you can easily select the letters by simply clicking on it.

Windows Store: – A huge store which is full of apps is also involved in this Windows 8.1. Now the user can select the particular app from a list of apps and use it accordingly.

Universal Search: – Microsoft also introduced universal search in Windows 8.1 which was absent in Windows 8. This universal search feature is same as Apple’s OS X.

Native 3D Printing API: – Windows 8.1 supports native 3D printing API. Windows 8.1 is the first operating system which provides this unique feature of the native 3D printing API. It will also save you around $1000 which you wastes to buy a 3D printer as Windows 8.1 will print the 3D accessories and other natives.

These are the some main features of Windows 8.1 which was launched. For more updates on gadgets and other technical concepts, stay connected with us.

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