Why Meta Tags are Critical to Quality SEO

By | January 7, 2014

The vital role that meta tags play in SEO has changed quite a bit in the last few years. Traditionally, meta tags were used to tell search engines what the content of a web page was about, thereby making the web easier to use. It was the very first thing that a search engine spider looked at when determining the relevance of a page to a user query. Today, that function of the meta tag is retained. It till tells a search engine spider about your page, but it is also being used in conjunction with a full search engine optimization and web marketing strategy. It is helpful for increasing traffic on blog.

Meta Tag Analyzer

It is important that your meta tags contains appropriate keywords. This entails making sure that the actual text of your articles and page content is optimized for the same phrase or keyword that is expressed in your Meta tag. Since the search engine spider takes the meta tag into consideration to decide what a page is all about, if your content isn’t in line with what it has decided, your page will sink into the vast abyss of the Internet.

What Exactly is the Meta Description Tag?

The summary of the content that appears on the page in question is called the meta tag description generator. The name of your Meta description tag should be optimized for the keyword that the page it refers to has been optimized for. The actual description that the meta tag comprises should be well-written, concise interesting and above all else, optimized for the same keyword or phrase.

Meta Tags SEO

The Meta tags seo generator what usually supplies the wording for the SERPs listing of your site, under the hyperlink. This is the main reason why it is vital that your meta tags generator is interesting and well-written so it works well towards encouraging users to click on the hyperlink.

It is interesting to know that both of these tags only seem to work if they are optimized for the same keywords as the page to which they refer. Therefore, meta tags can be considered as an extra way to build the relevance of your page, rather than the be-all-and-end-all of what it used to represent traditionally. This can work extremely well if it is well constructed.

Using the Meta Robots Tag

The meta robot tag can be used to tell spiders where to go in your site and what to index. What the index command in the Meta robots tag refers to is the fact that a spider can index the page it is currently looking at. In the same way, the follow command can tell it to subsequently follow the links on your page and index them too. You should use this meta tag if you don’t want certain parts of your website indexed.

This is because, if you haven’t already specified any Meta Robots Tag on a page, by default, the spiders assume the page and all the links appearing on that page to be open for indexing.

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