Useful Tips for Optimizing Android Mobile Phones

By | January 27, 2014

It is very common to buy a new smart phone, and initially it works as clockwork. However, as time goes on your phone will have more and more applications, files and “garbage”, so it becomes slower, prone to freezing or even spontaneous shutdown, especially if it is a slightly older model phone.

Useful applications

To avoid such situations, or at least to reduce them on a reasonable extent, there are several useful applications that are supposed to optimize and speed up your smart phone. Those are applications for users of Android.

  • Android Assistant

The size of a small application (727 kilobytes) offers up to 18 options to improve performance and speed up your smart phone and conserve battery power. It is designed for those who love gadgets, “all in one”.

  • Android Booster

Android Booster contains a large number of options to speed up cell phones, and will probably be most often used tool for optimization by means of which a single touch can close unnecessary applications and thus free up memory. Android Booster provides automatic optimization, removing applications, file management, virus scanning, saving battery life and so on.

  • AppMgr III

AppMgr III makes it easy to move other applications from internal to external memory and gives more control over the installation. Among other things enables the system to hide the application from the menu, but only if you have Android 4.0 or later operating system.

  • Clear cache

We all use smartphones for occasional web browsing, but there are those who make significantly more often than the others. If you belong to another group, perhaps you should try using Cache Cleaner which can clean the cache, erase your browsing history, remove surfing tracks and the like, and so make life easier for yourself and your smartphone.

  • Clean Master

Clean Master is a very popular free application that allows you to clear the cache, remove unnecessary files, delete history of browsing and SMS, transfer apps from internal storage to the SD card, and more. On Google Play it has a very high score (4.8), and it is used by more than 20 million people. Quite enough interesting to try it.

  • Easy Battery Saver

For users of smart phones is well known trouble with the battery life, which in most cases do not withstand more than two days. The creators of Easy Battery Saver claim that their application will save more than 50 percent of the battery. Positive reviews, and more than 20 million of downloads are recommendations for installation.

  • Easy Task Killer Advanced

Smart phones are often slow down due to the large number of background processes, and as a possible solution to the problem can serve Easy Task Killer, which removes the “task” and shuts down the applications running in the background. The application is particularly interesting and a rather unusual way of management functions. Apart from the touch, you can optimize your phone if you shake it.

  • 1Tap Cleaner

Name says it all, one touch of a finger solves the hassle. This application offers a quick and easy solution to clean the cache, history of surfing, record of your calls and messages, and the default settings. Of course, 1Tap Cleaner provides the option of automatic cleaning at regular intervals.

A good signal is crucial for the functioning of your android

Sometimes all these applications are not sufficient to improve the performance of your Android phone. The most important is a good signal for appropriate work of your phone. Therefore, if you have a problem with the signal on your phone, get a signal amplifier. Go to Wilsonamplifiers site and you will be able to get your very own Wilson amplifier kit. They will design a custom kit for your specific needs.

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