Top Blunders to Avoid With Honda Heavy Duty CV Joints

By | January 14, 2014

Honda heavy weight motors are strong vehicles that are designed to give top notch performance. CV joints are one of the most crucial parts of a Honda heavy weight vehicle as it is made to work in cooperation with the engine to provide a smooth ride. Improper care of CV joints can cause problems such as derailing which can adversely affect the performance of the motor. Many people make blunders with these heavy duty vehicles that can eventually lead to low performance and high maintenance costs. Here is what not to do to prevent spilling your money unnecessarily over maintenance.

1. Do not Neglect the Vehicle

Leaving your vehicle for months without any maintenance and service can be bad for the health of your vehicle. Over time, debris and dust collects in the engine. The CV joints become strained to create friction, which prevents you to get a smooth drive. The best way to prevent this is to regularly check the engine of your vehicle after every few rides for debris and dust. Regular maintenance of both the interior and exterior of the vehicle will ensure that your motor gives optimal performance for a very long period.

2. Always keep the Chassis Clean

The chassis is one of the most neglected parts of a heavy duty vehicle. Although, it should be the most looked after since most of the dust and hard materials are likely to find home in the chassis. According to the mechanics, the debris and dust collected in the chassis is the root of all problems that arise in the heavy duty motor. To avoid any major disasters and costly maintenance, it is wise to give the chassis an overhaul every couple of weeks.

3. Lubricate it well

Applying too much or too less of the lube can also affect the performance of your vehicle. Less lube will create friction, while excessive lube can result in leakage so make sure to apply just the right amount. Check your motor for leakages; in case of a leakage visit the mechanic as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the vehicle.

To maintain your motor in top condition, stick to a strict maintenance schedule and follow it. Keeping this in order will help you prevent costly maintenance and give you a smooth ride for a long time.

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