Top 5 Mobile Software for Android

By | October 9, 2013

Having an android phone has become a common asset for the people. It makes your life easier and more automated. This technology adds up every day new apps and software to it which makes it more interesting and more live to the user. Due to this, now everyone wants the Smartphone which is compatible for Android applications.

Here are the recent updates of the software you can install and have access of many things just on your mobile. There is a lot of mobile software for android are developing day by day which helps us to come to know about new technologies. Some of the good and mostly used mobile software for android are following:-

Free Weather App for Android: – BBC has launched a free weather app for Android – it’s basically for the people and the nation with very fluctuating weather conditions. This will give a quick forecast in a second. It has an easy and simple interface to look for and have weather forecast for the day at the main screen.

BookMyShow: It is also one of the beneficial Android app for users. You can book movie tickets, event tickets, cricket match tickets, etc.; with the help of this amazing app. You can also check the reviews and ratings of movies before booking a ticket. Like if you want to check┬áthe “Airlift Review” then you can easily click on the movie details option and check the ratings, movie plot, star cast, music and story the movie by using this app.

Color SMS Text Message Software for Android: – This one is interesting , you can send color text your friends with this software i.e. Color SMS Text Message, no more plain text in your sms, play with colors while sending an sms to your friends with this app. You can have a background image, different fonts and many more.

Effecto Photo Editor: – Another software for Android mobile is Effecto Photo Editor , it makes your photos more lively and better. You can do some quality edits and crop your photo.

F-Secure Software for Android: – F-Secure Mobile Security is an antivirus software for Android mobile. It has on-demand and scheduled apps for scanning your mobile phones. You have an anti theft mode to activate while installing this app as its necessary if your mobile is lost.

National Rail Enquiries App for Android: – A very important one National Rail Enquiries app is now available on Android phones. It will help you plan your journey, availability of trains, alerts if the train is delayed for some reasons. Recently Google has joined hands with developer SEVEN in order to provide an official HOTMAIL app for Android phones which helps you to manage your several hotmail accounts in a single app.

Google Sky Map Software for Android: – One more interesting apps launched by Google is Google Sky Map software for android phones. You have to keep your phone pointing towards the sky and you will come to know that which constellation is visible , rather you can try inside your room also.

WordPress Software for Android: – Access WordPress on android mobile phones, it has an image insertion tool with many supported features of WordPress. This WordPress software for android helps user to update or posts the articles on their personal or professional blog simply by their mobile device or Smartphone.

With the help of these mobile softwares for Android, you can easily check weather updates, send clear messages to your loved ones, makes your pics lively, secure your mobile phone from any kind of antivirus, manage your blog through WordPress software, etc. There are many more updates , we will be keep on updating with these.

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