Top 5 Best App Developers in India

By | June 11, 2015

India’s app developer industry is booming today and the country is said to be the third fastest growing app market in the world according to stats. Indian app developers are working with both the local and the western companies for developing great apps. Here you can get to know a brief profile of the best app developers in India.

1. Rohith Bhat from Robosoft

Based in the small town of Udupi, India, Robosoft tops the list of the best app developers in the country. This is an award winning multi platform app developer. It mainly focuses on developing casual game apps that can be used for fun and relieving stress of the bustling lifestyle today. Robosoft owns the big titles in the game apps like Ranch Rush and Pipe Mania. You can know more about the journey of the man behind Robosoft, Rohith Bhat who started the company in 1996 as the Mac OS only development company.

2. Edvin Varghese, CEO & Founder, Appface

Appface are special app developers based in Bangalore who develop only for the iPhone and iPad platforms. Appface specializes in developing apps in finance, business, news, lifestyle travel and education. Enjoy reading the biography of Edvin Varghese to get a close look at his journey from serving in IBM to establishing Appface, developing top-notch quality apps for different niches.

3. Vxtindia

Vxtindia is a mobile development company with a track record of developing several high quality apps and games. Know more about the struggles and the achievements of the faces behind the company through the wiki page or through the other sources online!

4. Dot Com Infoway

People like Venkatesh C.R. and Girish Ramdas have made it big in life with innovation and dedication. Their venture, Dot Com Infoway is one of the best multi-national mobile app developers today. It is known for developing apps for all major platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Bada and Symbian. With its headquarters in Chennai, India, the firm also has its offices in the USA and Netherlands.

5. Rohit Singal, Sourcebits

Rohit Singal, being a developer and an entrepreneurial bug, is another guy to get inspired from. He founded Sourcebits in 2006 and his bio will give you an insight into how Sourcebits turned into big name in the app development industry. It develops apps for all mobile platforms plus for Facebook and the web as well. It also has its offices in New York and San Francisco.

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