Top 5 Apps for Small Businesses

By | October 3, 2013

Day by day, various types of mobile applications (apps) are launching in the market. These apps are beneficial for us as these apps are time saving and also available at free of cost. Everybody has Smartphones today and avail the benefits of these apps. Many big companies and even small developers and entrepreneurs are regularly working on making these applications to earn name, fame and money.

Top 5 Apps for Small Businesses

Top 5 Apps for Small Businesses: – These apps are related to fun, chatting, messaging, business, etc. It is the great time for businessmen and also for entrepreneurs who owns small businesses to grow their businesses with the help of these applications. These apps having wonderful tools by which you can easily know the ups and downs in your business. There are so many business apps are available in the market in which top 5 apps for small businesses are listed below: –

Evernote: – Creativity and innovations in any technology and app makes it unique and extraordinary from others. Evernote is the perfect example for this. The tagline of this event app is “Remember Everything” which clearly give us the idea that this app helps us to remember everything related to our business programs and schedules. Storing, organizing and sharing text, photos, and audio files with others are the main features of this app. It is the best app for entrepreneurs to grow their business with ease and comfort.

Google Drive: – Google Drive is the greatest invention or development from the google app developers. There are many features of this Google Drive app in which some of the main functions of this app are following: –

1. You can easily edit, import and share files & documents online from computer systems to Smartphones.
2. You can store your data in this Google Drive up to 5 GB which is totally free of cost. This will reduce the chances of data lost and removal which is beneficial for business purposes.

Form Mobi: – It is also in the list of top apps for small businesses. This app is for mobile users. The main features of this app are as follows:-

1. This app will create a virtual clipboard in your mobile phone which helps you to fill various kinds of forms related to businesses with ease.
2. If you want to distribute and field any data from your mobile device to other mobile device, so this is the best app for this. You can easily distribute data with others.
3. Even user can easily create and design CAD quality sketches, take photos and record audio files with the help of this app.

Showbox App:- It is one of the best mobile apps these days, which helps in downloading and streaming online movies and TV shows/serials with ease. You can download the latest version of Showbox APK file to enjoy watching your favorite TV serial and movie.

Bump: – This app was launched in 2008. After launched, this app is used by people so much. Now this app has around 9 million users monthly. This will help users in the field of making and trading business cards. It is also known as the Networking app as this app is used by businessmen to grow their business networks. They can trade their business information, documents, files, images, contact information and other important files by the use of this application. This trading can be done by bumping two Smartphones together.

Triplet: – This application is also very helpful in your business growth and development. This app reminds you the business schedule time to time. This app tracks your all business meetings and seminars. The advantage of this triplet app is that you can make all your business trips and meetings on time. This app will help you in arranging your schedule in one unified place. With the help of this application, you can get weather updates and also get maps & directions to go any place for your business.

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