Top 3 Business Hosted PBX Providers

By | June 18, 2014

Top 3 Business Hosted PBX Providers Everyone is talking about hosted PBX. A Cloud hosted PBX phone system offers businesses the possibility to get on the tech train for an affordable price and big ROI. In the world we live in, digital communications like social networking, emails and text messages are used more and more every day. Still, there’s almost nothing better in business than a phone call!

Cloud Hosted PBX or Private Branch Exchange is also known as voice over internet protocol (VoIP) PBX or IP-PBX and uses the internet to make and carry calls. This type of business phone system simply uses the internet to transmit signals instead of a traditional system that uses cables to do so.

The 3 top business hosted PBX providers, Vonage Business Solutions, Ring Central and Jive, have things in common and many features that also make them stand out and set them apart from the competition:

Vonage Business Solution

Specializes in small to medium-sized businesses, with affordable packages and the scalability that your company needs. Your businesses can save a ton on monthly phone bills with Vonage. Vonage stands out from Jive and Ring Central because everything they offer is owned and developed by them, showing how invested they are to the hosted PBX and VoIP technology.

Jive – Unified Communications

A reliable provider that is used by a ton of businesses and government organizations. Jive offers your company unlimited extensions, with unlimited local and long distance calling. This makes Jive the best customer rated PBX provider. Want to know about their rates? Unlike Vonage and Ring Central, Jive makes pricing clear – it offers a completely flat rate: $20 a month.

Ring Central

This business PBX provider offers excellent service and many benefits. Your company can benefit from the brand new IP phones that they sell. Like Jive, it offers unlimited local minutes. Worried about technical support? Vonage, Ring Central and Jive offer 24/7 phone support. Ring Central stands above the competition because it offers every new user a 30-day free trial. Like Vonage, it offers an app for smartphones for employees that are always on the go.

More and more companies are using hosted PBX at and increasing and unprecedented rate because of its many benefits: it’s cost effective, can be accessed from anywhere, no additional equipment is needed and it grows with your company. Business hosted PBX providers are becoming more competitive as a ton of companies are switching to this efficient communication system.

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