Tips to flaunt your crop tops in style this season

By | October 11, 2015

Getting in shape is a challenge for many people. But what would you do if you want to sport the same dresses as your favorite celebrity? Well, in that case you definitely need to work on your body. It may seem a bit of problem in the beginning but with the passage of time, you will surely get good at this. So where should you start? If you are aware of the latest style trends then you must have noticed that midriff is back in scene and crop tops are ruling the charts but do you have those well sculpted midriff or the flat abs? If not, then it is your wake up call. For starters, you need a well defined plan and schedule to work out everything and this might be hard for you but not anymore!

It is the season of festivals and you need to more careful especially on your diet. You cannot bloat and this means cutting down on your calories.


Exercise regularly. You can jog, take long walks and do squats. Try taking some intensive workout plans on your stride. Include cardio and strength routine. You can even practice yoga. But it is always better to lose calories without concentrating on a single part of your body. Instead of using the machines in the beginning try the free hand workout. This will help to lose the calories in a substantial amount without harming your body. So put on your track suit and get ready to sweat it out. Use the yepme coupons to purchase the sportswear with great discounts.


Diet should be another important aspect of your regime if you are looking for quick results. Flaunting toned abs and muscles will not result from your workout unless you work on your diet. Cut down the carbs and have a diet which is rich in minerals, proteins and vitamins. Say goodbye to fried food and oily snacks. Include fruits and fluids in your diet. Remember to stay hydrated all the time else you will end up having a slouching appearance.


Once you get in shape it is time to work on the other aspects. Having a toned body is an added advantage of flaunting the crop top. But still you have to work on the rest. Always remember, your confidence is of prime importance when it comes to fashion. If you have the right attitude, then everything can fall into its places.


If you are new to crop tops then you can try working out with pseudo crop tops. They do not reveal the skin and makes it comfortable to wear and is definitely shorter than normal tops. You can pair them up with colored vests to create a contrast. Buy multi colored vests using the snapdeal coupons and enjoy discounts on every purchase.

Skin care

Since a major part of your skin will be exposed, you must make sure that you have a flawless stomach to showcase. Go for waxing or bleaching if required since you do not want people staring at the hairs of your stomach. Make sure you keep it well moisturized and hydrated. Apply some foundation if required.


Wearing a proper undergarment is absolutely necessary. Your bra should fit properly so that you do not give any snuggled appearance. It should not be too tight else it will give an ugly appearance and will destroy the entire ensemble.


You can keep your hair loose or in an unkempt manner to create a casual yet chic appearance. You can do a messy ponytail or a lose plait or keep your hair on one side. You don’t need to spend hours on the hairdo. Let your natural tresses speak.


Pair your crop top with a nice pair of ripped jeans or a loose cargo. You can even wear pleated skirts or a nice mid length leather skirt to add a bold look. If you are planning to keep it simple pair it with some funky shorts. Keep it casual. Use the flipkart coupons to add some trendy bottom wear in your closet.

Do not slouch while you stand or walk. This will create a hideous effect. Always stand straight and don’t be too self conscious. Enjoy yourself and flaunt those toned abs.

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