Tips for SEO-Friendly Content Writing

By | January 8, 2014

There is nothing like quality SEO-friendly content to enhance your visibility, improve your website’s rankings in organic search results, and increase its online earning. Search engine optimization companies in Sydney always prophesize the importance of well-written SEO content that gives you a competitive edge, helps you achieve high SEO rankings, lead generation, and increased blog’s traffic. Here are some tips for SEO-friendly content writing to give traction to your business on the web.

1. Maintain Your Keyword Balance

Including keywords in content writing is one of the best ways to boost your SEO efforts. When search engine optimization companies in Sydney begin to create SEO friendly content for your business, they will start by researching the search volume that relevant key phrases receive and infuse them into your content. The trick lies in using keywords in your content in a manner that it seems to flows seamlessly and doesn’t look unnatural in any way. Keyword overloading can have a negative impact on your page’s search ranking.

2. Add Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are small summaries of your content that search engines use to accompany the link to your page in search results. Using keywords in your meta descriptions improves your page ranking within search engines and gives readers a preview about your content.

3. Have Proper Page URLs

Adding proper seo friendly URLs also impacts SEO. When a page URL clearly indicates what the topic or context of that page is, it is easier for search engine crawlers to gauge the relevance of your page. Any misdirection could lead search engines to rank your content poorly and discredit it.

4. Add Links to Relevant Sources

Search engine optimisation companies in Sydney will make sure that all your content has appropriate links to relevant sources that you have used while creating it. These links increase the value and relevance of your content. This also allows you to link to articles that offer further information, cite your sources, and reference authorities in your industry. They also offer additional information and value to your readers, thereby increasing the chances of your content getting read and shared with other people across blogs and social media.

5. Write Valuable Content

Most of these tips will boost your SEO efforts, but nothing compares to a relevant, valuable, and engaging piece of content. Search engine optimisation companies in Sydney understand how vital creating quality content that will grabs a reader’s attention, helps them solve a problem, answers a question, or provides value to their lives. Quality SEO content is your biggest weapon in your armoury.

Well-written, well-researched and interesting content trumps everything else. Compelling content encourages well-respected websites who are authorities in their own respect to link to your page, and thereby increase your traction. Therefore relevant, high-quality content helps you build a much-needed foundation for impacting the search rankings of your page and taking your business to places it has never been to before.

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