SEO Tips and Facts

By | February 22, 2014

SEO Tips and Facts Before getting familiar with some useful SEO tips, you need to know about what actually the SEO is. SEO or Search Engine optimization is the process of indexing or optimizing your site’s web pages. This tool is free of cost and just requires your manual knowledge to optimize different keywords for your website. If you find it a cumbersome process, you can hire a company offering SEO in Bristol. Here are some tips for effectual SEO of your website.

Try to use keyword in the domain name – If you are creating a site on movies, then it is good if you pick a domain name with keyword ‘movies’ in the name like

Use keyword in the post title – You should change the permalink according to the keyword you are using in the post. You should put in a keyword in the post title and post URL.

Use keywords in Headings, title and the body of the content – You should make use of keywords in the title, headings and content of the post keeping its density 2 percent according to search engine guidelines.

Optimize the images that you are using – You can increase your website traffic by image optimization method. Use the relevant keyword with the image and optimize the images. Try to put an image of less KB on your website because heavy images may make your site load slower than usual. This is negative from user point of view.

Interlink the Content – Try to link the post of your website with each other,. Strong linking of the post will help you out to get your keywords optimized faster. This will also increase the visitor stay time on your blog which is great from SEO point of view. The post you link to another post must be relevant to that post.

Optimize your Website and Blog – This is one of the most relevant things in SEO that most of the people lack. A good SEO firm like forms of SEO in Bristol looks towards it and optimizes the website from each and every respect.

Submit your Site to Directories and Search Engines – You need to submit your website to different search engine for indexing and optimization. The submission of your website to directories and search engines will help you out in improving your blog traffic and rankings. You can go for the free submission of your websites to different search engine and directories.

Provide a user friendly interface and easy navigation – The website must have a user friendly interface with easy navigation for the user. The load times on the website and its pages must be minimized. Include the Sitemaps and RSS reader to your website page.

Create Quality Content for your Website – The content you provide on your website must be informative and genuinely written passed from Copyscape tools. The original content is the choice of many people. Go for original and informative content, so that people first visit your website rather than visiting others.

So follow the SEO tips sincerely to see results in a few days. If you are unable to manage such things then go for hiring a firm for SEO in Bristol to look after the SEO of your website.

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