Samsung Galaxy Y Plus Duos GT-S5303 Review

By | October 17, 2013

There is a boom of Smartphones in the market. Various types of free Android apps and games are available in these Smartphones is the main reason of this. Nowadays, top Android phones are also available under the price range of 5,000 to 10,000. That’s why most people prefer Android phones as compared to simple mobile phones. Therefore, everyday a new Smartphone is launched in the market by different mobile companies. Samsung is one of the best and reputed mobile company which is widely popular in the global market. This company launched a series of Samsung Galaxy Smartphones and broke all records of selling Smartphones in the market. Samsung better understand the need and budget of people so that recently Samsung Galaxy Y Plus Duos GT-S5303 is launched by this company in the market. Here we are giving the reviews about this Smartphone so that one can easily know the features as well as drawbacks of this Smartphone.

Build Quality: – All parts of Samsung Galaxy Y Plus Duos GT-S5303 are made of plastic like plastic bezels, plastic back portion and plastic buttons. This made this Smartphone safe from any type of crashes and falls. This Smartphone remains totally safe and working fine even if a car running over it. But one thing should be kept in mind is that don’t be thrown away this Smartphone by it.

Design: – The shape and design of this Smartphone are very reminiscent. The shape of this Smartphone gives a very fine look to this Smartphone. The design of this Smartphone is same as the other spectrum devices from Samsung.

Hardware: – Samsung Galaxy Y Plus Duos GT-S5303 has 2.8 inch LCD display. Company shows 4 GB internal storage in this Smartphone which is totally wrong because only 2 GB internal memory is available for the users and it can be extended up to 32 GB through external memory cards.

Dual SIM Functionality: – This Smartphone has the functionality of dual SIM. User can use one for 3G connections and other for 2G connection. This Smartphone has a 1200 mAh battery which is sufficient enough for the Smartphones.

Android and Interface: – This Smartphone has 4.0 version of Android which disappoints people very much. These days, other mobile companies launch Smartphones having the latest version of Android such as Jelly Bean. The interface of this Smartphone is very good and responsive.

Multimedia and Camera: – This section of Samsung Galaxy Y Plus Duos GT-S5303 is very poor. The size of the screen is very small and the resolution is not good. When any user playing games in this Smartphone, he feels the display is tattered. Due to its small display, one cannot feel comfortable in watching the videos in this Smartphone. This Smartphone has only 2 mega pixel camera due to which one cannot take quality pictures with this Smartphone. It is completely out of focus in this section. If someone has very fond of watching videos and capturing images, then it is not a good choice for that person.

Note: – Please read all the reviews and specifications of any Android phone or gadget before buying it.

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