Samsung Galaxy S6 VS iPhone 6S – Camera Technology

By | January 11, 2016

Tug of war between premier flagships of different brands starts with design and ends with camera. Samsung and Apple are not different. When we think of these two frontline warriors of world’s two most leading smartphone manufacturers a bunch of advanced features and specs come around our minds and we always get overwhelmed with the superior design and the rumors we have heard.

Smartphone like iPhone 6S and Galaxy S6 are narrowing the needs of other gadgets like camera while these two devices got pretty impressive cameras with distinctive features. Letting all the things pass by, today we are focusing our eyes on the cameras of these two phones.

Galaxy S6 is attached with a 16 MP rear camera. It has optical image stabilization technology and a new pro mode makes the pic better than we have thought of. But snaps are a little bit warm; this feature matches the promotional tweet of Samsung- “Find clarity in darkness”.  This is why some users did not find it actual “smart snapper” while iPhone 6S’s 16 MP primary cam is a piece of smart technology and they have reveal that their camera technology is going to be changed with a revolutionary smart cam tech in upcoming iPhone 7 and iPad Air 3. Everything you have got in the Galaxy S7 you can find all those in iPhone 6S. Additionally you will get actual real life picture with proper light saturation.

Both the cameras perform extraordinary in low light photo capture or video recording.

A little bit technical specs are to be noted here- iPhone 6S is built with wide angle f/2.2 aperture while Galaxy S6 is fitted with f/1.9 that means iPhone 6S is little bit better than S6 in low light capturing as wide angle aperture allows more light rays to get into.

iPhone 6S uses traditional sensor with 4:3 aspect ratio while Galaxy S6 uses 16:9 sensor which is perfectly compatible with modern widescreen PC and TV.

8 MP front facing camera of the both phone works perfectly and can take superb selfie, you can record distortion free video at 1080 P on the go! Here no major difference is found.  

iPhone 6S is enabled to take live photos! Yes, it can record few seconds before and after hitting the “Take Snap” button and whenever you open the image in iPhone, background sound starts automatically and makes the still livelier.

Actual tussle starts when we put both the phones in recording. iPhone 6S is clearly ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S6 with more crispier and vivid video full of vibrant colors and proper sharpness.

iPhone 6S has been in the centre of the discussion of the tech world due to the new DSLR class lens technology used in this phone. Though Samsung Galaxy S6 is not far behind but Apple ihone 6S is the clear winner in Camera category in comparison.

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