Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date, News, Rumors

By | December 27, 2013

We all know that Samsung has released its new Samsung Galaxy S4 recently and there is no doubt that it has been loved by all. But still the company is planning to release a much better fully loaded device, i.e. Its next flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S5 in the market.

Release Date

When we talk about Samsung Galaxy S5, the company is likely to release the Smartphone at sometime near to March 2014. There are also many rumors in the market which say that the company may also bring the launch of the phone forward to February in case the sales of Samsung Galaxy S4 is not as much as they predicted.

Also when we talk about the price of the Samsung Galaxy S5, the company will surely offer a more competitive price than its previous phones. But it is sure that the phone will carry all the latest specs and thus will have a price tag which will place it at the top of the pricing tree.


We have come to know from some sources that the new Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to have a 5.25 inch AMOLED screen and which is going to contain the highest resolution which is not introduced in any of the mobile phones till now, i.e. 2560 x 1440 pixels in the QHD panel. Some of the other rumored specifications of the phone are that it will contain 3 GB RAM and will run of 64 bit processor. It is also heard that the phone is going to have 16 MP back camera and is going to run on new Google Android KitKat 4.4.

Some Unbelievable Features

It has also been stated by the NDTV gadget website that it has been claimed by some that the Korean Company is going to use plastic material once again in Samsung Galaxy S5 instead of metal chassis, and there is also a possibility of retina eye scanner in the phone. This retina eye scanner is going to unlock the device only after scanning the eye of the owner. There is no doubt that this feature if offered on the phone is going to give a head to head competition to the Appleā€™s fingerprint scanning feature that they have introduced in their new phone Apple iPhone 5S.

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