Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Rumors

By | January 3, 2015

Well, at last the much awaited Smartphone release of this month –The Samsung Galaxy S5 has finally arrived after much speculation and contemplation on April 11. And that shifts the attention to the Note 4, the awaited handset of the Korean giant in the Phablet industry. It’s evident that the note 3 had taken the markets by a storm with its sales in the exclusive Phablet market left alone its features. So it really has put a lot of hopes and suppositions on the features of the Note 5 which is a hearsay that it might be released this September, well it’s not yet sure.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Rumors

There’s complete buzz going around the Phablet right from its appearance to its processors. Well here are some rumors about the handset. Upfront, this Phablet is most probably supposed to have all the features and specs of the current flagship Smartphone of the brand Galaxy S5 like the fingerprint scanner, water proof, dust proof, fast Snapdragon 805 processor and new Touch Wiz. As a matter of fact these above mentioned features might even get a little tweaking and enhancement in the Note 4.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Specifications

Now into a detailed reflection of how the Note 4 may roll out. Let’s look into the key specs that the device may carry. There is no stopping Samsung in increasing screen sizes and with the note 3 having a screen size of 5.7 inches there is a great possibility of the note 4 being bigger than its predecessor and also there might b a bigger resolution of 2560 x 1440 which would be about 510 PPI compared to the 338 (PPI) in the note 3. Ongoing with the Korean press releases stating that they may roll out 32-bit or 64-bit versions depending to market has raised hopes in the minds of gadgetholics that they might see another device with a 64-bit processor with Apple being the first to release it in its latest iPhone 5S.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Reviews

The most far-out rumor about the device is that it might have a curved surface. Well, not that bizarre actually cause Samsung has already launched the curved surface through one of its Smartphones – the galaxy round. The big question is that whether the Note will have the same? – It may or may not, none knows. One of the beliefs is that the note 4 may feature a 4 GB RAM which is double when compared to its current flagship phone –the S5 and much more than the Note 3 which has a capacity if 3 GB. Most likely the Note 4 will give way for a seamlessly multi-tasking environment for the users to work in.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Features

The camera of the S4 is most apparently to have improved primary and secondary cameras, close to 16 or 20 MP rear cameras and a 5 or 8 MP front facing camera. Along with these are a lot of other enhancements in video quality, the S-pen functionality and battery life. Though a lot of buzz and talk is going around the Phablet, one may be sure of one fact that Samsung will put together a Phablet which set forth a bench mark for the future ones.

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