Safety Standards for Crib Mattress

By | January 6, 2016

Safety is the top most concern when it comes to our baby. While she is alone on her crib, we need to make sure that she sleeps safely with all her comfort. Some materials which are used in the crib mattress may sometimes prove harmful and toxic for the baby. While choosing the correct mattress, we must make sure that the mattress contains no such materials which can harm our baby or rather prove toxic for her health. The mattress in which your baby sleeps will likely be the most prevalent toxic exposure for your baby since babies are around 10-14 hrs sleeping on the mattress. In the crib mattress reviews 2016, we get to know how safe our mattresses should be in order to be completely protective of our babies.

Let’s see what safety standards we must look out for while choosing a mattress for our baby.

Strict Flammability Standards

Mattresses which are made up of materials using polyurethane foam and PVC are highly flammable and they quickly burn when we ignite them. When we burn these mattresses, hazardous gases are formed and released into the air. For the same reason, the US government makes it mandatory for all the mattress manufacturers to meet strict flammability standards. Instead of all this, most of the mattress manufacturing companies do this by adding more toxic chemicals.

A research conducted by a group of scientists also states that microscopic particles from fire retardant chemicals contaminate the household dust. Babies can be exposed to such fire retardant materials while breathing air while sleeping on the mattress also, by absorbing the chemicals through their skin. While they crawl on the mattress, household dust sticks to their hands and thus it can be harmful for their health. There is very little data on the chemicals used in the manufacturing process of these mattresses and thus it gets difficult to figure out their safety.

Flame Resistant Mattresses

To buy a mattress, it should pass all the fire-proof laws unless you get a prescription from a good licensed physician. But if you bought a mattress without any prescription few years ago, there stands a high chance that it contains various types of fire redundant materials. Most of the mattress you must have bought a few years ago would possibly contain pentaBDE which is a banned form of PBDEs.

In the recent years, there have been huge outrages against PBDEs and California has already gone on to ban it thus mattress manufacturers are moving away from using PBDEs in their mattresses. But, the mattress still needs to meet the safety and flammability standards by government. The current manufacturers still fill the mattresses with petroleum based polyurethane which is still highly flammable. While choosing a crib mattress for new borns, we must make sure that it is a flame resistant mattress.

These are the two safety standards that you must look out for while choosing the right kind of mattress. You must always make sure that the mattress is safe, non-toxic and stays harmless to your baby.

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