New ASUS ET2040IUK combined computer experience

By | March 29, 2015

ASUS ET2040IUK combined computer experience In this modern age everything should be modern in our home appliance. So why should use the computer with an old idea. We do also think about perfect utilization of home space in modern homes. New ASUS ET2040IUK is perfect for your modern home. Its beautiful slimmest design gives you the best look as you think about in your room. It fits with your regular appliance easily because it takes little space of your room we know the value of your space. It has many others amazing features that is not available with any other computer before. ASUS invented many ideas in it by keeping your needs in mind.

This well designed computer is not only best in its looks. It comes with the processors from the behalf of best processor and chipset company Intel. ASUS chooses Pentium Quad Core J2900 or Celeron Dual Core J1800 Processor for this computer for make this efficient for every needs of customer. You can do finish all your stuffs with high speed and smoothly like any highly configured computer system. You can use this all in one computer with your own style that is not a regular it also increase your taste of styling. You can carry this well gripped, light weighted system to anywhere with you wherever you need it with a beautiful designed case especially made for this computer.

Specifications and features

1. Performance

This computer comes with high speed processors Pentium Quad Core J2900 Processor & Celeron Dual Core J1800 Processor with 2.41GHz and 2.90GHz processing speed respectively. There will not arise any question about performance. Also have 2GB of RAM and 600GB of storage space included additional 100GB from ASUS cloud storage. With this cloud storage facility you are able to access your data anytime anywhere over internet connections.

2. Display

It has a stunning crystal clear LED display. You can experience the neutrality of your vision. Users are also able to adjust their taste of vision with adjustable features of brightness, contrast and colour. This display quality will feast your eyes you can do work in an enjoyable peace.

3. Audio

Experience quality perfect clarity of sound with perfect bass with ASUS supersonic master included in this product. It will give you the perfect sound as you want to by adjustable audio features. You can choose any preloaded sound format or make it yourself by your requirement.

4. Connectivity

You have various option of connectivity with this product to connect your gadgets with it. It has 3 ports with 2.0USB mode and 3 port of 3.0USB mode and also a HDMI port. You are able to connect Ethernet directly too this computer via RJ45port. Also have a smart option to connect with inbuilt WI-FI 802.11/b/g/n with wireless adaptor type 802.11bgn allows to connect your gadgets via WI-FI in a wide of range.

5. Extra features

Your work is always safe from loosing accidentally by power cut. This device has build-in chargeable battery which gives you extra time to save your unsaved incomplete data after power cut.

You can also see Amazon online store for detailed information about price and other things about this product if you have any further queries.

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