Multiple your blogging return by adopting 5 recommendations by experts

By | November 10, 2015

It is the dream of every blogger to become rich in less time but 98 % of them became failed because of taking wrong decisions related to their blog. Here we are going to give suggestions which will bring your blog performance to higher level and you can get multiple returns in terms of success for same efforts which you are doing today but in different way.

Our recommendations are here

1 – Write on Low Competition Keywords

Many peoples choose those keywords which are high traffic generating but no one is following those keywords for which they can get 1st page rank within month only. I would like to suggest you before finalizing your keyword for blog post to target first check domain and page authority with number of do follow links and social signals, if they are high then avoid another keyword for which you can chase everything easily.

2 – Run Sites on different Topics

Running blogs on trending topics may be the best decision and you should adopt the idea of running blogs on new topics like reality shows gossips, interview of new entrepreneurs and sharing discount offers of different companies also. I have seen many websites are writing content about get free sample products of new companies as part of their promotional offers and by doing so these websites are getting good amount of traffic immediately and they face lowest competition in search engines also. Example –,

3 – Change Your Themes immediately

Themes are the key factors which play unbeatable role for generating more customers in quick time, it is the time gone when people were focusing on pay per click ad networks for making good income, it is the time of affiliate marketing and collection of emails is the most important thing for getting success in affiliate marketing. Recently we were doing research for finding the right Word press theme which can convert every second visitor to our blog into the customer and finally I found the best one which is the thrive themes which has so many useful features to create more effective landing pages and collection of emails, you can read review of thrive themes also on some famous blog post which will show you how this theme can multiple your blogging returns.

4 – Use Internet Marketing Tools

When I was doing research about the best tools for increasing my revenue then I found Long tail pro which is the really awesome tool to find highest paying and high traffic volume keywords with lowest competition which is the demand of every one and we can start making money in 15 days only after start writing our blog posts by pay per click ad networks and selling products through our affiliate links also.

5 – Create Brand Image of your Blog

No one like to follow the recommendations of any unknown or unsuccessful person therefore don’t make your blogging plan for short run, just create your plan for a long run and apply all possible efforts to make your blog most branded and come out from the crowd also then people will love to subscribe your blog and will follow your recommendation and will love to purchase products after watching your recommendations also.

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