Mini Mobile Robotic Printer Price, Features

By | October 5, 2014

Kick starter might be the home to a wide range of innovative ideas and prototype products hoping to make the leap from garage bench to full-scale production, but one of the most intriguing bits of kit to appear there is the Mini Mobile Robotic Printer. The printer is essentially a print head on a small set of wheels powered by an internal rechargeable battery that enables it to be placed on a piece of paper and print on any flat surface. It is a pocket-sized printing device that squirts out ink as it trundles across the page.

Mini Mobile Robotic Printer Key Benefit

The key benefit of this Robotic Printer is of course portability that it provides us. One can take it anywhere and take print outs from a laptop, tablet or smartphone at any given time or place. It’s also an attractive proposition for those who only use a printer occasionally, and don’t want to waste desk space on a fully fledged all-in-one unit.

Mini Mobile Robotic Printer Amazing Features

Instead of using an old-fashioned paper feed, it runs over the page laying grey scale ink. This Roomba-like approach isn’t just a party trick, though. Besides leading to a very portable design, it lets you print on any size page you like — if you need to get a legal form while you’re at the coffee shop, you can. For now, the printer is monochrome only and is fairly slow. The initial prototype has been reaching a speed of 1.2 pages-per-minute. But it’s nevertheless an idea that has plenty of potential. The Israeli makers Zuta Labs have stripped out everything except the print head, allowing it to roam free across the page.

Mini Mobile Robotic Printer Print Quality

Measuring just 100mm x 100mm x 80mm, its built-in ink cartridge is promised to churn though around 1,000 pages before needing to be replaced, but that’s assuming every page you print isn’t solid black. And at the moment the print quality is a less-than-amazing 96×192 dpi, but it’s claimed that it will be improved if and when the Mini Mobile Robotic Printer becomes a reality.

Mini Mobile Robotic Printer Availability

The first version will print in greyscale with potential for colour versions in the future. It will have a rechargeable battery with an on/off switch, can connect directly to smartphones and to PCs, and will allow the user to print on any size piece of paper for around one hour at full charge. Made from a polycarbonate shell, it will be available in Mars Black or Titanium White when it launches.

Mini Mobile Robotic Printer Price

“We have created a mobile printer that is easy and fun to use, can be taken anywhere, prints from any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) on to any sized page,” Zuta labs wrote on the Kick starter campaign page. Zuta Labs is crowd funding the printer to get it off the ground. If you’re interested, you can pledge $180 to reserve an early bird unit; it will cost you $200 if you’re late to the party.

Final Say

If this printer ever comes into reality, it will kick start a new revolution in technology whilst also kicking out those old fashioned big bricks wasting too much space on the desks.

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