Lenovo Essential G505 (59-379446) Laptop Price, Features, Specifications

By | October 13, 2014

Lenovo – One of the Fortune 500 Company is a world leader in Personal Computing. The Chinese based Company also provides mobile internet services. It is supposed to be the fourth largest smartphone Company. Though Lenovo is old enough and has a long history from 1984, the Company was into actual business and existence only in 2004 after it got registered its brand name ‘Lenovo’ in 2003. Today it has establishments in over 60 countries around the world. It had hit both the corporates and the retail market in the recent three to four years. Lenovo strives at just Innovation. Lenovo manufactures ThinkPad, Idea Pad and Essential brands Laptops and Ultra-books. They have their hands on in production of Tablets too. They had designed series of Laptops. The G series is one popular among them which are meant for everyday use.

Lenovo Essential G505 Specifications

The processor type is dual Core. The clock speed is 1.4 GHz. The diagonal screen size is 15.6 inches. The screen has HD LED display with 1366 * 768 pixels. Hard disk is capable of 500 GB as the standard trend and it is dual core. The hard disk rpm is 5400 and this looks the usual. But the system memory that is the RAM capacity is just 2 GB and expandable up to just 4 GB which is very less when compared to the current specifications in the market. The cache memory is low when compared to the standard laptop. It is just 1 MB. This might have an implication in speed. The graphic processor is AMD Radeon HD 8210. This aids in enhancing video output better. The OS is free DOS. This would be great dis advantage to the model as it restricts multi-tasking and does not extend file security. But it is a freeware and does not occupy much of memory space would be an advantage.

Lenovo Essential G505 Features

The webcam capacity is only 0.3 Mega Pixel. The picture quality is 720 pixels. The battery backup lasts up to 4 hours. The dimensions also look usual as 377 x 250 x 34 mm. the sound quality is a plus with this type of Laptop. It has stereo speakers with Dolby sound advancement. The DVD drive is made optical in this model. For the internet connectivity both the Ethernet as well the Wireless is made enabled. USB 2 and USB 3 ports are available. USB 3 ports are made available by default these days so that there is no interruption because of speed for data transfer. Bluetooth facility is also made available. HDM1 port is enabled so that it eases connectively the laptop with connecting it with TV. There are both standard keyboard and standard pointer mouse. So it stands alone when the other companies offer high-end keyboards.

Final Say

The weight of the Laptop is the standard 2.6 Kg. But except for the high end models, almost most of the usual Laptop weighs so much. The laptop is restricted to everyday use and does not give in more features as it costs almost only less than half to the one quoted for a decent specification.

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