How to Tweet more than 140 Words

By | October 4, 2013

Nowadays, social networking sites are in demand. Everyone wants to connect with these social networking sites. The users on these social networking sites are increasing day by day. The commonly used social networking sites are Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and many more. From all these social networking sites, Twitter is mainly used for blogging. That’s why it is also known as a blogging website.

There are about million of users on Twitter. You can share your thoughts, status, pics, and other things with your loved ones via tweets on this site. You should have an account on this site to avail all these features. A registered user can easily tweet on this social networking site through the interface of the website, through SMS from their mobile device and also by many other mobile apps.

The main problem is that you cannot tweet or post or send a text message more than 140 words by using these applications. You can share your thoughts having words less than 140 words only. This is the one of the main limitation of texting tweet via mobile devices.

How to Tweet more than 140 Words: – Here we are giving you a list of services and tools by which you can easily tweet more than 140 words. These services are below:-

Tall Tweets: – It is one of the most common used service for this particular purpose. It is an ordered multiple tweet service. With the help of this service, you can tweet more than 140 words. User can easily read your tweets in an order.

Firefox Plugin or Add on Services: – User can also tweet longer than 140 words by installing Firefox add on services to their Firefox browser. The Firefox add on Shortxt is used for this purpose. After installing that add on, you write your message in twitter box and then right click on it and select twitter text. This will fit your whole message into 140 words.

Long Tweets: – It is another best service to tweet more than 140 words. This service completely changes your tweet into an image and this image containing all the data or message which is in the tweet. User can easily read your complete message via this image.

Use Abbreviations: – For tweeting more than 140 words, another best way to use abbreviations in place of commonly known words. For ex- you can use 2 for to, f9 instead of fine, u in place of you, etc.

XL Tweet: – This is a tool by which you can easily tweet more than 140 words. It is a user friendly tool and anyone can use this tool with ease.

Maxi Tweets: – With the help of this tool, you can tweet up to 200 words. So, we can use this tool to share messages longer than 140 words. This tool increase the 40% length of the message, which shows the new development and creations for the tweet on twitter.

EZ Tweets: – This tool has no word limit. This means that you can even tweet or write messages that contains unlimited words. This tool splits your tweet in a sequence and post your tweet on your twitter timeline in an order. You can also use this tool for sharing posts on Facebook.

Hopefully these tools and services will help you to tweet more than 140 words on your Twitter account. For any inconvenience, please contact us.

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