How to Set Custom Android Ringtones

By | October 7, 2013

Smartphone user wants to set the android ringtones for each application in their Smartphone like android ringtones for incoming calls, android ringtones for messaging, android ringtones for alarm, android ringtones for email notifications and many more. They also want to set these android ringtones according their moods and the situation. They want to customize their Smartphone with these android ringtones. With the help of customizing your Smartphone with these android ringtones, you can easily alert and knows that whom you calling or messaging or mailing.

How to Customize Android Ringtones: – The question arising is that how to set or customize these android ringtones in Smartphones. You can easily customize android ringtones in your Smartphones from the below step:-

1. First go to Settings > then Sound > then Incoming calls: Mobile Phone ringtone now you pick the android ringtones from a selection of default ringtones.
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2. The files open in this folder are known as OGG Music Files. These files are stored in the internal memory of Smartphone. The path of these music files is \system\media\audio\ringtones folder.
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3. In some Smartphones, it is not possible to move to another folder of music files from here which might be waste the internal storage of your Smartphone. The alternative method of setting these ringtones is that you can easily set these ringtones from MIcro SD Card in your Smartphone where all the music files are stored. The path of the Micro SD Card in your Smartphone is \media\audio\ringtones.

4. After this, the next step is to create the android ringtones yourself. There are 2 steps by which you can do this. The steps are:-
a) Through Android itself.
b) Using file manager like ASTRO.

5. Now you have to copy the MP3 files to the path that is \ringtones\ folder.
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6. In this step you have to convert all the files to MP3 format as all sound formats are supported. You can do this simply by right click the song in iTunes and select the Create MP3 Version.

7. Now go back to Settings > Sound > Incoming calls: Phone ringtone and select the android ringtone or song.
These are the steps by which you can easily customize the android ringtones for your Smartphones.

How to set a Custom SMS Ringtones on iPhone: – Some users also don’t know that how to set a custom sms ringtone in their Smartphones. With the help of setting a custom sms ringtone, you can easily get notified that when you got a new message, multimedia message (MMS), Emails, etc. You can easily set the custom sms ringtone with the help of below steps:-

1. For the setting of custom sms ringtone, user must move the sound file to the \media\audio\notifications folder.
2. After this, you can set the general notification tone in Settings > Sound > Notifications: Notification ringtone.

How to select a specific section of the song: – Sometimes you set the song as a ringtone on your Smartphone or mobile phone, then when you got a call, the song start playing from starting and you don’t like the starting tone of that song. The ideal solution of this kind of problem is that you can easily select the particular portion or section of that song by simply editing that song on your system with the help of many song editing softwares like Goldwave. These song editing softwares helps you to remove the starting portion of that song and you can easily choose the selected portion of that song from where the ringtone would be started when anyone calls you.

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