How to Save Battery on Android

By | October 16, 2013

How to Save Battery on an Android Phone

Android is a mobile operating system which has a bundle of services and features with a very effective mobile management system. Multitasking is the main feature of interest for Android. It allows the application to work in the background. It allows users to work on multiple applications. But many applications in the background can be reason to reduced battery life. Many features available on Android phones that can be caused batteries to become drained. The power-saving options increase battery life. You can save battery by using the following steps:

Power Control task apps

For saving battery you can use the Power Control widget and task such as Bluetooth, WI-Fi, GPS, Auto Brightness etc.

Turn off wireless Connectivity

Turn off wireless connectivity features like as GPS, Wi-Fi, when these are not in used. Don’t leave the open applications when you are not using them.

Power saving mode

Power saving mode can be used to save battery. It increases battery life by saving power. Power saving mode usually limits CPU use, reduces screen brightness, disables data network when the screen is asleep, and lowers the brightness level of the background color.

Flight mode

Use flight mode (airplane mode) when you are travelling by flight it save your battery.

Mobile network

Most of mobile users use internet on mobile. You can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or mobile network. Mobile internet connections save your battery power more. The better the reception signal is, the better it will be for your battery life.


If possible not used vibration mode in your phone it used more battery than normal mode. So used normal mode for saving the battery.


Live wallpapers absorb more battery than normal wallpapers. For saving battery used normal or passive wallpapers.

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