How to Root Sony Xperia SP

By | October 14, 2013

Sony is one of top ten companies which deal in Android phones and gadgets. In the month of April this year, Sony launched a Smartphone that is Xperia SP. It is one of the cheapest Android phones in the market. After two months from the launch of this Android phone, the development team of this Smartphone also released the pre-rooted kernel through which any user can easily root their Sony Xperia SP. The auto-root feature of this Smartphone made this Smartphone unique and special from other Android devices. As nobody is perfect therefore read all the necessary requirements, disclaimer, prerequisite and steps to root Sony Xperia SP to avoid any kind of technical problem during the procedure of rooting Xperia SP. It is necessary for everyone to watch video tutorials of rooting Xperia SP carefully before starting the procedure.

Disclaimer: – There is always a risk in the procedure of rooting any Smartphone and the company is not responsible for any kind of loss and damage in this process to root the Android phones. That’s why follows all the steps of rooting carefully and never miss a single step of rooting. It may not be good for your Smartphone. The warranty of the device may be void while rooting. Never use the same steps to root other Android phones and gadgets. People always confuse to root their Android phones due to so many steps. Here we are giving the detailed steps so that anyone can easily root their Xperia SP properly.


1. There should be a windows based laptop or computer system is required to root Xperia SP.
2. Procedure to root Xperia SP can only possible for Xperia SP with unlocked boot loader.
3. Download all the necessary USB drivers for windows based computer system and install them to connect Xperia SP with computer systems.
4. Enable the USB Debugging option in your Smartphone.
5. Charge the battery of phone up to 80% to avoid any kind of interruption and battery blackout problem during the procedure of rooting.
6. Back up all the important data and media files and stored in your computer system before rooting.
7. Download all the required files from the official site of Sony in your computer system.

Steps of Rooting Sony Xperia SP

1. Go to the official website of Sony and unlock the boot loader of your Smartphone. One can also unlock the boot loader of Xperia SP by setting up fast boot into their computer system.
2. Once the whole set up is completed then copy all these files to a new folder and rename these files as fast boot.
3. After this download “extend-stock-kernel. Zip” file from the official site of Sony and then extract this file into a new folder in the computer system. Rename this file to the kernel. Elf.
4. Copy kernel. Elf file and paste it into the fast boot folder in the computer system.
5. Switch off the Smartphone completely.
6. Press the volume up button of Smartphone to enter into the fast boot mode.
7. Connect Xperia SP to the computer system through a micro USB cable or data cable.
8. Open command prompt window in your computer system by entering CMD in the search box option.
9. Type the command “CD C:\fastboot” in the command prompt window.
10. Then type the command “fast boot flash boot kernel. Elf” in the command prompt window to flash the kernel file in to your Smartphone.
11. Switch on your Smartphone.
12. Download root checker tool and check the root status of your Smartphone.

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