How to Root HTC One X

By | October 12, 2013

HTC is one of the leading and greatest Android phone manufacturing company in the global market. This company released a lot of great Android phone in the market. HTC has its own craze and popularity with people. Out of all HTC phones, HTC One series is one of the best series launched by HTC. This series includes various Smartphones like HTC One X, HTC One M7, HTC One V and many more phones. In this HTC One series, HTC One X is one of the most selling Android phones in the market. HTC One X users are increasing day by day.

These days, there is a trend of rooting Android device. Every Android user wants to root their Android device. But most of the people do not know the correct steps of rooting their Android phones. Here we are giving the complete process of rooting HTC One X. But before follow these steps and procedure, read all the necessary requirements, disclaimer and other important things.

Disclaimer: – The user will lose all types of warranty on HTC One X after rooting. Do not apply the same steps of rooting on another device or Smartphone as the above rooting steps are applicable only for the HTC One X. There may be a chance of arising some technical problems in case of wrong rooting of the phone so it is necessary for every user to be careful at the time of root their Android phone and do not miss a single step of rooting procedure.

Necessary Requirements

1. Before rooting of HTC One X, it is necessary to charge its battery up to 80%.
2. Enable the USB debugging mode in this Smartphone. Go to Menu > then Settings > then go to Mange Applications > then Development > tick on check box – USB Debugging.
3. Back up all the data on your Smartphone into another Smartphone or laptop.
4. If the phone boot loader is locked then it is necessary to unlock the phone boot loader from the HTC official site.
5. Download the necessary drivers and install these USB drivers to connect the phone with the system.

Steps to Root HTC One X

1. First download the package of rooting and then extract the zip file into your computer system.
2. Immediately switch off the phone.
3. Press & hold the power button and volume down button together for entering into boot loader mode.
4. Connect the Smartphone to the computer system through a USB cable in boot loader mode.
5. Open “install-superboot-windows. Bat” file from the extracted folder of rooting package.
6. Follow the instructions appear on the screen of HTC One X carefully and it will take some time so don’t be irritated.
7. After a few minutes, the root of your Smartphone will be completed properly.

These are the easy steps through which anyone can simply and successfully root their HTC One X. Firstly read and understand the whole procedure of rooting HTC One X via video tutorials. After then start the rooting procedure of this Smartphone. If anyone have any query, suggestions, problems and feedbacks regarding this article then feel free to contact us.

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