How to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation

By | January 27, 2014

We are all aware of the necessity of using mobile phones. However, the use of mobile phones is associated with radiation, especially with their excessive use. There are numerous warnings concerning the impact of mobile phone radiation on the induction of cancer, even causing infertility.

Therefore, it is advisable to apply certain measures to reduce radiation exposure. Certain actions and creating positive habits in the use and handling of mobile phones may go some way to protect you from radiation. Tips to protect yourself from mobile phone radiation, and reduce harmful effects of mobile, are follows:

  •  Shorten talks

Let mobile phone be used only for transmitting communications and information. Conservation should be concise and brief. Long conversations and chatting should be performed over landline phone, but using a wired landline phone, not wireless.

  •  Keep it down

Speak as quietly as possible when using mobile phone, because increase in loudness automatically increases power of radiation.

  •  Send SMS messages

Mobile phone radiation will be lower when you send SMS messages, than when you make calls. But the message should be short (do not write novels) and you does not need to exaggerate with number of messages.

  • Take breaks between talks

After a couple of minutes of calls with mobile phone, it takes about 1 hour to our body (especially the brain) get back to normal. The negative effects accumulate, so be careful with every minute of talks and make the longer breaks.

  •  Change your hand

If you have longer talks, then every one to three minutes move the phone to the other ear.

  •  Hold the phone to your ear only after establishing a connection

While establishing a connection do not hold the phone to your ear, because at that stage signal (radiation) is the strongest. Only when a connection is established (for newer phones that is visible on the screen), hold device closer to the head.

  •  Do not hold the phone tightly to your ear

Energy radiation decreases with the distance, so you should hold the phone 2 – 3 cm away from the ear.

  • Do not cover the antenna with your hand

Tissue absorbs the energy of the radiation, and thus weakens the signal, and when the signal is weaker radiation is automatically increased. So, you hold the phone the way you do not cover the antenna.

  •  When the connection is bad, hang up

When the signal is weak (bad connection), then the mobile device automatically increases the broadcast signal (radiation), so hang up.

  •  Avoid tight, closed spaces

Do not use a cell phone in a tight, closed areas (elevators, basements, subways) and other places where the signal is weak (less than half of the signal scale).

  •  Eject the mobile from the bedroom

Do not sleep with the included mobile next head, under the pillow or on a bedside table. Teenagers are particularly prone to this bad habit.

  •  Use the speakerphone

Turn on the speakerphone and move the handset away from yourself (energy EM radiation decreases with the distance). It’s good to use a Bluetooth, and to move phone away from yourself (radiation level of Bluetooth is low). Excellent choice of Bluetooth devices for your phone can be found online. Go to Creekle  and buy Bluetooth device that will facilitate the use of your mobile phone.

It is very important to adhere to these basic measures for the use of cell phone, because they can at least partly help the protection of your health from the bad influence of radiation.

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