How to Install Windows 8

By | October 20, 2013

How to Install Windows 8

Windows 8 is latest operating system. Windows 8 installaton removing the existing operating system. Windows 8 Professional DVD is bootable. For boot from the DVD you need to set BIOS SETUP. The steps for installation of Windows 8 is followed:

    1. Put Windows 8 DVD in your DVD-ROM drive and start your PC. Windows 8 will start booting process.

    1. In this step, select your language, time and currency format, keyboard or input method. Choose your required settings and click Next to continue


    1. This step allows you to install or repair Windows 8. Click on “Install now” then the setup process starts.

  1. At this step type your product key that came with your DVD copy of Windows 8. After entering the product key correctly click on Next.
  2. Read the license terms carefully and tick “I accept license terms”, then click Next.
  3. Create partitions in hard drive by clicking on New. Choose the size of the partition and click apply.
  4. Note – You have 3 partitions. Partition 1 is system reserved. Leave this partition alone. Partition 2 is primary partition that was created in the last step. The third partition is unallocated which means it is not being used.
  5. Select Primary Partition and click Next to continue.
  6. Now Windows is starting to copy files to your hard drive and begins the installation. This process takes a few minutes depending on your computer specification. After completing a copy of files, Windows 8 will automatically restart.
  7. You will go through various progress and information messages and Windows 8 might restart automatically second time.
  8. Select Personalize option and type your PC name and personalize the color.
  9. Customize your settings or choose default settings then click Next
  10. Sign in to your PC. You can login to your PC using a Microsoft email account such as your yahoo or hotmail account. If you do not have a Microsoft account you can create an account by clicking Sign up for a new email address and complete the form.
    If you don’t want to create an email account and prefer to create a local user name, click Sign in without a Microsoft account.
  11. Click on Local Account. Here you can choose a local user name and password. Click on Finish to continue. Now Windows starts to finalize your settings.
  12. Finally the setup process is finished and you are presented with a completely new user interface. Now remove DVD from DVD-ROM and start using your computer.

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