How to Insert Images in a MS Word Document without Embedding

By | October 20, 2013

How to Insert Images in a MS Word Document without Embedding

We can insert an images in a Microsoft Word document. Now these day it is a common issue that documents contain graphic elements or pictures such as chart, logo etc.
For insert picture in word, click Insert Menu then click on Picture option and select From File,new pop-up menu is open, select a picture which you want to insert.

  1. Link to File
    When you link a picture or image from a Microsoft Word document, Microsoft Word creates a virtual connection with that picture or image without actually embedding it in the word document.
    This is similar to embedding images or picture in an HTML web page. So if you edit the linked image or picture, the change is reflected in all the Word document(s) that use that image or picture.

  3. Insert and Link
    The drawback with the “Link to File” is that if you upload the document onto the webpage or share it via email, the recipient won’t see any of the pictures as the broken links.

  4. Convert Linked Pictures to Embedded Pictures
    If you are sharing documents externally, the “Insert and Link” option should be preferred over “Link to File”.
    However, if there’s a Microsoft Word document that contains only linked Pictures and you want to upload it to Google Docs, the first thing you need to do is convert these “linked” pictures into embedded graphics.
    For this, click the Office button and select Prepare -> Edit Links to Files. Now you can easily save linked pictures in the document itself.

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