How to Get Offline Information Without Internet

By | November 5, 2013

Mobile Phone and Internet are the most common demand of the today’s generation. These two technologies made a drastic change in the lifestyle of the today’s generation. As we all know that Mobile Phone is Portable Global Communication Device which creates a revolution in the communication field while the Internet is the source of Infinite Information for the users.

When a user wants to know about any topic or article then he/she must have a mobile phone and internet facility in it. The latest invention or trend of smart phones helps users so much in this case. Smart Phones mainly clubbed the two technologies together, so that a user can easily get information on his phone by using the internet with his smart phone.

Here is a good news for all mobile phone users that now onwards you can get information without internet on your phone. It can be made possible by SMS Gyan. The new technology made it so simple for the users collect information on any topic they want. The name of this wonderful new technology is SMS Gyan. SMS Gyan is a technology by which a user can easily get information on any topic without connecting to the internet. He/She can get the information on any topic by simply sending a message.

SMS Gyan is an Offline Mobile Search Engine Technology which allows its users to surf the internet offline through a mobile phone. The process by which a user can easily search the information via the web through SMS Gyan technology is very simple. If a user wants to know the information about any particular topic, then he/she goes to the Create Message Section in their mobile phone and type “GYAN – Your Search Term” and send this message to 55444. After a few seconds, the user receives a message in their mobile phone. This message contains a brief description about your search topic. That’s why SMS Gyan Technology is also known as 55444 Technology.

Benefits of SMS Gyan: –

No Registration Process: – For accessing this service of SMS Gyan, there is not any kind registration process. There is not any kind of registration form or formality to avail this service. The user just sends a message to us and avail this service.

No need of Internet Connection: – Even user doesn’t require any internet connection for using this SMS Gyan service. Now user doesn’t require to go to a mobile recharge shop and pay for internet pack in their mobile phones.

Fast Service: – User can get the information about any topic within a few seconds. In this quickly growing world, nobody has so much time. So SMS Gyan brings you all the information within few seconds on your fingertips.

No Need of GPS: – User doesn’t need a Global Positioning System (GPS) featured to be installed on their mobile phones. User also doesn’t require any other application installed on their mobile phone for using this service.

Cheap: – SMS Gyan technology is so much cheap that anyone can afford it. User only pays the Message charges to avail this wonderful service. It is clear that only Rs. 1 will be deducted to avail this service. So, for just Rs. 1, user can get any kind of information on any topic through this technology.

Founder of SMS Gyan Technology: – SMS Gyan technology is developed by a group of 4 Engineering students. These 4 Engineering students are currently pursuing their Engineering from LBS College of Engineering, Kerala. The Chief Operational Officer (COO) of SMS Gyan Technology is Mr. Abhinav Sree and the Cofounder and CEO of SMS Gyan is Mr. Deepak Ravindran. The innovative idea of these four Engineering students gives offline users/world a great opportunity to link to the internet without having internet connection. These four Engineering students made this technology after inspiring some facts regarding mobile phones and internet. These facts are as follows:-

1. Approximate 86.5 Crores people in India are using mobile phones which are 70% of the total population in India. This is a huge percentage of mobile phone users in India.
2. The second fact regarding this concept is so much shocking that only 2% of Indian mobile users having Internet enabled mobile phones.

This is a huge gap between mobile users and internet enabled mobile users in India. So, these four Engineering students made a bridge to cover this huge gap and proves that all mobile phones are smart phones and every mobile user can avail this service and enjoys the facility of the internet without connected to the internet.

Services: – There are many topics included in this service on which a user can easily get all the required information. These services are following:-

Meaning of Words
GPRS Locator Facility
Locations of Restaurants, Hotels, Bus Stops, Colleges, ATM Machines, Hospitals, etc.
Reviews of Latest Movies, Music Albums, Lyrics of Songs, etc.
Movie Timings in Multiplexes
Also helps in solving complex mathematical problems.

Milestones Achieved by SMS Gyan: – In just a few months, the growth of SMS Gyan is unbelievable. Many milestones have been achieved by SMS Gyan. Approx one billion queries has been registered in just one and half year. 40% queries have been made by the South zone of our Country. They use this SMS Gyan facility so much. A West zone of India is in 2nd place as 25% queries have been made by West zone. Only 15% queries have been made by both East and North zone of India. SMS Gyan also serves the people, who lives in rural areas of India. This SMS Gyan service is just launched in Dubai, which clarifies the success and growth of SMS Gyan service. This service will be launched in USA, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and South Africa very soon.

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