How to Find the Perfect Present for your Boss or Colleague

By | June 12, 2014

Professional Present for Boss When you’re working in an office, or any other environment that requires social interaction, you’ll probably have to face corporate events, party invitations from colleagues and even your boss’ birthday celebration.

That is why is fundamental you learn which kinds of presents are ideal for such celebrations, you need a gift that says you definitely know their personal taste, but at the same time, you can’t give something too personal that might be open to the wrong interpretation.

Here are a few items that are great professional and elegant gifts for your boss or colleagues:

Wine or their favorite liquor

Depending on their personal taste, a good wine or a bottle or their favorite scotch is a great idea for a professional gift. Make sure to find out which type or variety they prefer, and you can even personalize them with your own design of wine labels that you can easily print online.

You can also give them a cool accessory, such as a set of scotch glasses, a beautiful tray or a great cork screw to complement their bar.

Personal Device Accessories

Nowadays, everybody has a smart phone, tablet and other electronic gadgets, that’s why you should think of a cool accessory to complement their devices. With a little online research you’ll find thousands in all price ranges that adjust to the person you have to buy a gift for.

DIY Gifts

You need to be very careful in this category, because knitting a Christmas sweater for your boss won’t exactly be considered professional. Think of homemade baked goods, you could bake them a cake to celebrate at work or even cookies so they can share with their families. Another great idea is a photo canvas print, ideal for a colleague that is retiring. Choose a cool picture that reminds them of a great occasion at the office, or maybe a photo of the day they received the employee of the year award.

Desk and Travel Accessories

A digital picture frame, a beverage warmer or a designer luggage tag can be very useful and elegant at the same time. Go the extra mile finding an item they can use every day.

Hobby Related Gifts

Is your boss a golfer or your colleague an avid stamp collector? Find out more about their interests and hobbies, it will allow you to adapt your gift to the thing they love doing the most when they’re away from work.

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