How to Delete Cookies From Computer Windows XP, 7, 8

By | December 23, 2013

How To Delete Rough Cookies From Your Computer

Being a usual computer user, you may have heard about cookies and where are they used normally. If you haven’t, let’s first discuss what does this term ‘Cookies’ imply.

What are cookies and what is their use?

A computer ‘cookie’ is a small text file or small bits of information stored by your web browser to maintain record of all website visits on hard disk. They are designed to make your internet access easy, even on slower internet connections as it keeps record of your visited websites, such as site preferences, and login status. For easy access, cookies allow a website to record information on a user’s machine and later retrieve it whenever needed.

Are cookies harmful?

As there are two sides of every coin, similarly cookies are both useful and harmful. Since, most people focus on negative side more so yes cookies may be a bit harmful. Cookies are also used by different Internet marketing companies, these cookies are known as “tracking cookies” and are harmful as they attack the privacy of user. It is obvious that no one wants to compromise with their privacy as it is the matter of security and well being of an individual.
In public places such as cyber café and corporate organizations, it is important to take care of the security of your activities. For example, you are doing shopping from on-line store using public machine, you would surely not like that store leave the cookie on a machine. You would also want to have your confidential information private. For this, it would be wise to delete cookies in chrome or firefox and remove browsing history from Google.

How to remove cookies in Chrome using Optimo Pro?

You can remove cookies and browsing history manually by performing some steps. But for a normal user, it would be simple to take help of some Browser Cleaner software. Optimo Pro Browser Cleaner is an excellent solution for this purpose. It deletes all the browsing and download history, form and search bar history, cookies, cache files, active logins, offline website data, and site preferences, and thus helping in complete computer optimization.

If your computer is running slow, it may be because your system is full with browser traces. Optimo Pro Browser Cleaner software helps to keep your system safe from these cookies or entries made for evil purposes. You should also take care of these cookies while accessing your private data online especially at public places for safety purposes.

Optimo Pro Browser Cleaner is highly capable to delete all kind of browser traces including cookies from your system keeping your computer fast and safe. You can get more information about Optimo Pro, like how it is beneficiary and user friendly, comprising of various features at only on its official website .

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