Honda CBR250 – King of Rides, Origin, Features, Reviews, Specifications, Price in India

By | January 15, 2016

Honda CBR250 – King of Rides: When it comes to bikes that make the ride memorable, the Honda CBR250 is simply the king. The fuel-injected CBR250 gives you everything that you can possibly ask for. It has unmatchable features with great reliability and stability. This beast has two other variants known as the CBR250R ABS and CBR250R STD with all new Anti-lock Brake System. This is for the first time a system like this has been installed in a two wheeler which certainly will be appreciated in all sections of the riders’ colony. Now, it comes in an all new ‘black and red’ version (color) and there’s a newly released Repsol replica version too!


The Honda CBR250 is a series of motorcycles which was originally manufactured from 1986 to 1996. The original model of Honda CBR250 is a lightweight sports bike which has a six-speed gearbox installed in it and a 250 cc engine cycled with four-cylinder. This bike has a four-stroke engine which is capable of a 19,000 rpm. In 2011, Honda inaugurated the completely new CBR250R which is actually a downgrade in the engine capabilities making it to slide downwards from the much talked about 19,000 rpm to a mere 10,500 rpm which was manufactured in Thailand.


The Honda CBR250 has a partly exposed aluminium frame and a swing-arm. The suspension on the bike is basic with non-adjustable front forks and a rear monoshock with adjustment used for preload purpose only. The Honda CBR250 is recognized as the ‘tri-colour’ owing to the fact that most of the official bikes came in that finicking color scheme. The Honda CBR250 model had several extra differences to its heralds i.e. the L & N models. The bike had potent low-beam headlights paired to a new relay which was automatically inactivated by the start/crank button on the handlebar.

Braking system

The dual disc 2-piston calipers Braking System in the Honda CBR250 helps you to stop your bike in less than ideal conditions. For example: wet pavement, or on sandy roads or other rubbles. It is the perfect choice whether you use the bike for the fun or for the commuting purposes, as it insures your safety with great braking efficiency.

The Successor

The Honda CBR250R (model Honda MC41) is a single cylinder sports bike manufactured by Honda. It was mainly intended for the Thai and Indian markets, but now sells worldwide. The CBR250R intimately follows the panache of the VFR1200F, famous for its Y-shaped headlights and eminent middle cowl, which makes a layered look. This new focus in Honda design debuted at Intermot in 2008 with the V4 Concept Model and the 2008 CBR1000RR Fireblade.

The Honda CBR250 has a very low 30.5 inches seat height which makes sure it fits a wide range of riders. It makes it awfully easier to put your feet down when it’s necessary.  The single riders out there will absolutely fall in love with the Honda CBR250R as its light weighted with excellent mileage and boasts a broad power band with bunch of low-revving torque.

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