Google working on New Android TV Platform

By | February 6, 2015

Like Amazon and Apple, these two brands have launched their brand TV. In the same way, Google is also apparently working on this Android TV app. There are news in the recent that Amazon’s have launched its TV for the entertainment not for the computing. Likewise, this time Google is also working on entertainment device that is Android TV not for the computing device. The new platform of the Google’s will be an entertainment interface which will contain the various scroll cards which will represent the apps, games, movies and various shows. This will not be a computing device at all. Google has recommended their all the developers do not need to waste time in making any computing things or extra features like camera, telephone calls and touch screen.

Android TV Platform launched by Google

This search engine has created an interface to plug in music, movies and reality shows, photos and games as well. This is provided with the ease of convenience. Users will not have any problem or trouble in operating that entertainment device. An Android TV which will be launched by Google has a remote control system. This device will contain a scroll bar function which would be able to scroll left and right, and up down too through different different categories. This will contain Home, Enter, Back buttons also. By containing all above mentioned features this would be very easy to operate this Android TV. This TV would be able to support all voice notifications.

Features and Specifications

This Android TV would be able to recognize Google’s own apps like YouTube, Downloads, Play Movies and Hangouts etc. Whenever user will stuck with any kind of issue like technical or non-technical, Google’s technical or customer support is always with you. There are many public forum on which user can type his queries related to Android TV as well. This Android TV would be able to support other optional game controllers. In this way Google has come with its new invention on the market or this is going to launch very soon in India as well. This Android TV will play its vital role in the user’s life. Day by Day, its demand in the market would be increasing for sure. With the way Google is developing it, this is going to really a big boom for others.

Final Say

From the very long time this search engine is thinking over this idea. As of now all inventions and discoveries were related to its phones and tabs only. But this time Google has come with its new type launch that is Android TV. This is really an appreciable. This Android TV has launched in the USA. People have all positive feedback at all. They do not stuck with any drawback of it. It has all around a best boom. Users are quite satisfied with all its existing features. Like remote control facility, this is a vital feature of this Android app. Google has also collaborated with its various service providers as well. So that in future if user stucks with any problem that can be resolved very soon.

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