Google-The Removable Dual Music Player

By | May 16, 2014

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.

These words of the great philosopher Plato signify the importance of music in human’s life. Music provides relief from day to day stress and elongates one’s imagination. It is a favorite pastime of most of us to avoid boredom also.

Now a day, we have a range of devices those provide us a music player in them. Our Smartphones, tablet, laptop, PC all have a music player and we can enjoy music from them. However, the problem lies in the fact that you can’t use a single device everywhere. For example, using your Smartphone or tablet in the gym or during running or cycling is not a good idea. They are uncomfortable to use when you are doing physical exercises and you can cause damage to them also.

We like to have a large media player in certain situations, such as when we are in an airplane or in a hotel room, and a small MP3 player in other situations, such as when we are jogging or hiking. Therefore, we purchase smaller mp3 players for enjoying music while jogging or hiking and utilize our Smartphones and tablets in the rest of the situations.

This is a solution, but then constantly synchronizing the players with their music of choice is another problem. Suppose you downloaded Headlights of Eminem today and wanted to listen to that song while jogging.  But you couldn’t because the song was in memory of your Smartphone and not in your mp3 player.

The search engine king Google is doing something for you. Now you don’t have to purchase two different music players. Here, we are in GreyB found that Google has recently filed a patent application that is regarding a dual music player.

Now you may be wondering that what this dual music player is.  Let me tell you. Google is going to use a detachable music player in its smart phones.  The upcoming Smartphones of Google will contain an attachable smaller media player in it. Therefore, when you need to go outside for running you just have to remove that smaller media player from your Smartphone.

The attachable smaller player will have less storage and smaller battery. It will share the memory from your Smartphone. Google is not going to provide display screen in smaller mp3 player.  You can use this while jogging or when you are in the gym.  What you have to do is just remove it from your Smartphone and use and then again reattach.

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