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By | August 27, 2014

The tendency of online shopping has been on the rise since its advent a couple of years past, so much so that folks in rural areas are now understood to shop online. Almost half of the population in the world now has access to the net that makes it simpler to purchase anything from anywhere and pay whichever method you desire. So it is just natural that online shopping websites will try and bring an increasing number of people with money-making deals and discounts. Let’s see what so special about this web site.

So Deal Guru is a kind of a hive where sellers and buyers from different parts of the country and products meet and exchange. They then sell them online at the best prices available and scout distinct products and bargains. No more standing in queues in shopping malls that are overcrowded waiting to avail all those deals that are astonishing waiting in lines. Since I’ve heard only great things concerning this website, I determined to give it a try.

What it offers?

DealGuru sells products and items ranging from jewelry to furniture, shoes, clothing, electronics, computers and luggage. That isn’t all, they’ve so many reductions on other things as home and kitchen appliances, like, well, cosmetics, watches, mobiles, home decor and fitness and healthcare. They certainly cover an extensive variety of wares and goods.

Dealguru for deals [A section of ASK ME BAZAAR (the BAAP of all apps)] well, for one thing it is backed by Bollywood’s leading lady right now, Kangana Ranaut. Keeping that and coming to the facts, their site is guaranteeing. Next, the site is user friendly and simple to navigate. You can browse through the different types of products they have on offer that’ll then take you to a more thorough descriptions. Placing an order is easy enough and they’ve a good return policy too. You can also be guaranteed that the quality of the products they sell is topnotch and no low quality products are sold.

“The new ASKME app efforts to redefines the App Space”

“ASKME the BAAP of all apps has arrived”– Dealguru for deals [A section of ASK ME BAZAAR (the BAAP of all apps) ]Just picture you’re planning to go out for dinner at an extremely nice area. What will you do? You’ll Google for a nearby area, then you definitely will visit with another app to see the review of the place and then you are going to try to find the best deals for that place on still another app out. Not only this procedure is complicated but time taking also. Now what if there is an app that will search for the location, give reviews of the place and supply greatest deals all under one roof. And that’s app is what is called the BAAP of all apps, Ask Me App.

Why Ask Me app is the BAPP of all the apps?

  • User can search for any nearby place and user may also pick the location manually if lack of GPS connection.
  • User can get awesome and amazing deals offered by the place.
  • User can’t read the reviews but can also compose their own reviews.
  • User can call them directly from the app and can get all the information like address and phone number of a specific business.
  • User may also create his own listing and can share the favorite company with friends on Twitter and Facebook.
  • User can post free advertisements.

Getting Started

Ask Me app can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store and it is also available at free of cost. Once the app will be installed by you, it will ask your permission to access GPS and track the present area.


By giving you an amazing experience you’ll ever have Ask Me app does justify the BAPP of all apps, its tagline. So if you wish to have all the information about it than this app and are searching for a location is only for you and if you’re a fan of Ranbir Kapoor than you have an additional reason to use it.

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