Future Gadgets that will Redefine 2015

By | May 19, 2015

We live in an ever changing world- with every passing second there is an advancement in technology. With extensive R&D and with the world becoming more obsessed with gadgets, the landscape and face of technology is forever changing.

It seems like ages back when owning a Nokia 1100 was a matter of pride. The present generation is more technology savvy and wants the best when it comes to equipment and gadgets. People today want inventions that deliver value for money and can perform maximum benefits without straining the pocket! These are a few upcoming gadgets of 2015 that are sure to blow your mind:

SolPro Charger

SolPro Charger What’s your worst nightmare- Armageddon? Forgetting to wear pants for work? Nah! In today’s time there is a bigger threat looming over us- the dying battery of our smartphones! The SolPro Charger is a sweet and nifty little gadget for all those who cannot survive without their smartphones and tablets. What makes this portable charger unique is that it is powered by solar energy and can easily charge your phone even if it runs out of battery itself! At $159 it’s a charger that won’t let you down (well atleast till the sun won’t go down!)

Signal Edge Plus

Signal Edge PlusThis unique phone charger has a dual purpose- it not only charges your phone but also acts as a stand which balances your phone while charging it. This gives a unique benefit of streaming uninterrupted movies, videos and video conferences without having to worry about the battery dying down. At $50 it sure “stands” by your phone!
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HP ZVR Virtual Reality Display

HP Zvr Virtual Reality DisplayThis device really does announce that the future of technology is here! Remember those god awful sci-fi movies with terrible holographic and 3D images? Well HP has taken it upon itself to produce cutting edge technology by bringing you this baby- the HP ZVR Virtual Reality Display which not only shows 3D and holographic images but also has sensors letting it know the angle of your head in order to increase your engagement with the virtual images.

ZutaLab Pocket Printer

ZutaLab Pocket PrinterThis is a light little device that can greatly enhance your efficiency at the workplace. ZutaLab brings to you a portable and light printer that can scan a layer of paper laid out on a table and then print it. It has enough battery to provide an hour of printing and what makes it even more nifty is its ability to be connected to your phone or laptop through Wi-Fi. Till this portable printer is released take some time out to browse through some exciting gadgets on Naaptol and get the best offers through Naaptol coupon.

Wocket Smart Wallet

Wocket Smart WalletDo you have tons of credit cards and can never get to organize them in your wallet? Fear not- your prayers have been answered. The Wocket Smart Wallet brings to you a single credit card that can be fed with details about the credit card you wish to use for a particular transaction- for example a Master Card or a Visa Card. This card is great for people who travel, shop and use credit cards for business purposes.

Technology is forever moving forward and inventions which were just impossible to fathom are now turning into a reality. The world of technology truly is a magical land full of promises of a brighter, faster and smarter future. The future of tomorrow is here it surely does look pretty!

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