Cell Phone Usage Around the World

By | January 17, 2014

Cell phone usage around the world

The streamline development of technology has prompted the rapid growth of mobile phone users all over the world. Mobile devices have turned into an immensely important communication tool both for local and international calls to connect people anywhere across the globe.

Mobile phone usage practices vary from country to country with many nations keeping to rather curious and sometimes even funny rules for the common use of cell phones.

While in Japan you should be very attentive as when and where to use your cell phone. While being in public places with lots of people around, it is not recommended to be actively engaged in mobile calls since answering phone calls may not always be welcome by local people. Attendance at theatres may also put some restrictions for using a cell phone publicly, let alone the fact that sometimes you may even be asked to switch off the phone completely so as not to let the light disturb people.

The situation with mobile phone usage is quite different in Spain and Italy. Probably the great dependence on mobile devices keeps Spanish and Italians fully engrossed in their cell phones all the time. That is the reason why they do not put any boundaries for using mobile phones whenever and wherever. Even during conferences and concerts it is quite acceptable to answer calls.

Indians also prefer more flexibility in using their mobile phones in public places. They would hardly let an incoming call unanswered even while in a theater and conference. So it is very common to see Indians using their mobile phones regardless of their location.

It is interesting to know that for a long time in Cuba mobile phone usage was accessible only for executive branch members and representatives of political elite. This law adopted by Fidel Castro limiting the use of mobile phones was repealed in 2008 by his brother Raul Castro.

Though we cannot be sure whether this information reported by sources is true or not, however, they say that Africa does not welcome the use of touch screens in public transport (check this out while in Africa!). In USA also several interesting rules in regard to mobile phone usage were observed. Thus, if you are in Atlanta be extremely careful while choosing words during a conversation. The thing is that insults during a telephone conversation are strongly prohibited by the law. And a rather funny law was also encountered in Denmark, according to which the present for women here should be carefully selected, since it is not so much acceptable to give a gift that costs cheaper than woman’s mobile phone 🙂

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