Bonk Be Live: The New Giant in Social Media Broadcasting Industry Appoints Michael Gilburdformer Managing Director of American Express

By | March 5, 2018

Boink Live Streaming Corporation recently launched a revolutionary application – Bonk Be Live that has become the next big player in the social media broadcasting industry. Bonk Be Live has been launched for iOS and Android platform. The company was initially formed as Delaware Corporation for creating social media platform that can help people to broadcast and watch other people live streaming. At present, the company has setup several offices in the United States and parts of Asia.

What is Bonk Be Live?

Bonk Be Live

Bonk Be Live is the next-gen social streaming application that is tailored for the generation Z. It is the first social media platforms that allow its users to broadcast themselves and exchange virtual 2D/3D gifts with one another. These virtual gifts can be redeemed for money. The app provides its users an opportunity to make money while streaming on the app interface. The AI-powered app blended with augmented reality features has now become the top trending app in the industry.

Imagically – The Technical Partner

Bonk Be Live app has been programmed by Boink’s technical partner – Imagically. The app has its production builders from Ukraine (IDAP Corporation) and Indonesia (Castle Productions). The beta version of the app is currently available on Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore for free. The app has been added with lots of new features since its launch. Though the app is totally free to use, you may need to spend some bucks to buy the virtual gifts or coins.

The Concept

Bonk App

Bonk Be Live is the first social media broadcasting app of itskind that has created a buzz in the industry. With just a single click, the users will be able to broadcast themselves online and earn cash rewards while streaming their videos. A user of the app might connect to his/her favorite celebrities, meet new people, and attract more followers through the medium of this app. The best part is that, people can talk in between the stream.

The live filters in the app can help you liven up your stream and attract more followers. The app also includes the live feed search through hashtags letting the users to find the broadcasters and videos in line with their interests. Moreover, the live stream can be shared across the popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter to gain more followers. The users watching the stream can also send gifts to the broadcasters. The gifts can be converted to money after turning them to gold bars.

Boink has all plans to capitalize the growing entertainment market across the world by producing and promoting the high-quality content. It has its strategic officeslocated in Ukraine, Indonesia, Philippines, United Kingdom, Romania, and United States.

Boink Major Team

Michael Gilburd has been elected as the CEO/Chairman by the Board of Directors of the company to lead this social media streaming application. Michael is the former Managing Director of American Express and is also the CEO and President of ValuCorp. He has over 30 years of experience in corporate development and financial transaction services.

The Executive Vice President for USA wing is Greg Gifford, a well known name in the marketing industry. He will be responsible for attracting over 2 million subscribers to Bonk Be Live from the US region alone. He even said that Boink Live Streaming Corporation is in its pursuit to create the revolutionary social broadcasting application with unparalleled income streams and diverse content that was never introduced to the live streaming app.

What’s in the App for Everyone?


Bonk Be Live has creative advertising model that is the real game changer putting viewers, investors, broadcasters, and advertisers all in a win-win situation. The technology used by Bonk Be Live has lots of opportunities for the users who will be using the app. Its programs include logo advertising, pay per press, virtual gifts, slide advertising, video advertising, Bonk Live debit card, Bonk Live monthly & yearly membership, payment services, and much more.

The Bottom Line

Bonk Be Live is the next game changer in this industry. The app has taken a huge step hiring the most talented individuals from the industry for the development and marketing of the app. Download the app now and start exploring its features.

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