BMW Classic Cars

By | December 13, 2013

BMW is known worldwide for manufacturing the most luxurious and comfortable cars that boldly speak out class, comfort, style and drive-friendly. BMW has never portrayed its cars as rough riding engines with a tough look, but have this top class finesse in all of them. Here is a list of different classic cars that BMW produced towards the end of the 20th century.

  1. BMW 525
  2. The BMW 5 Series was first introduced in the year 1972. Due to its popularity and demand in the automobile market, it has been reproduced over time in different BMW generations. The current one being the 6th generation, BM 525 is one of the top-notch classic cars that BMW has ever produced. These were available in four-door sedan and coupe style; this car is an executive car with manual transmission with smooth shifts and a smooth drive.

  3. BMW 635 csi
  4. Inaugurated as part of the BMW E Series in the year 1978, this beauty had a better torque curve as compared to other versions. In 1980, it also came with the central locking system that also worked from its trunk. In 1982, this car got an upgraded engine and was available in 5 speed manual or automatic gear. This car initially did not have fog lights attached to it.

  5. BMW 318i Executive Cabriolet M40
  6. The BMW 318i is a compact executive car manufactured by BMW as part of the E30 series. It was first inaugurated in 1982, with a M10 engine but with Jetronic Fuel Injection that increased the horsepower to 13 and also made the car more fuel-efficient. In later years, this car was introduced as a coupe and a convertible as 318iC and 318iS.

  7. BMW 3.0
  8. This beauty with a long D curve was introduced in 1972. It was designed to make it useful for racing and to be used as a sports car. With aluminum bonnets, doors, and trunk lids, this car was given a unit body. BMW 3.0CSL and later versions too, were used for racing in tournaments and brought many laurels for the driver.

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