BlackBerry Bold 9900 Price, Features, Specifications, Review

By | October 17, 2014

With the android fan following increasing, Blackberry has had a tough time for years catching up and trying to be at par in the mobile phone market. With an entirely different operating system and a different design, it’s unique yet not the most favored by the users. There are some features like push email and corporate handset circles, which were driving the minimal sales that it was having. So blackberry has tired making a comeback with many models that it has launched. Some of the models have been exemplary and have actually increased the sales of the smartphone maker. The recent one is Blackberry 9900 which is a much improved version over earlier Blackberry phones and also at par in technology and features with other phones.<!–more->

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Features

The phone has a stunning look and comes in two gorgeous colors of black and white. Both the colors are equally good looking. The phone is 130gms in weight and not a very light in weight phone according to its size. Although the grip of the phone is pretty good despite its weight. This can be attributed to its size and shape. The phone is still bigger in size than the previous version- Bold 9780. The phone is 115*66*10.5 mm in size and is easy to carry in hand and pocket. This is claimed to be the slimmest model, but the design with a slightly protruding back does not let it look like a slim phone. The phone is made up of mental, both in front and back. The back cover can be opened to access the Sim card slot, the memory card slot and the battery.

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Specifications

The phone has a more than abundant internal storage of 8GB. The storage can be increased by inserting a micro SD card. The memory can be increased to 32 GB. There are three multimedia buttons on the right side. There are two volume buttons for increasing and decreasing volume. There is one central button to pause the media. The buttons give a nice look and feel to the phone and also make the use of multimedia very convenient. The phone not only has shortcuts for media, but there is also a shortcut button for the camera which is also located on the side of the phone. With the buttons being cluttered on the right side, the left side is cluttered with ports for USB, syncing port and a 3.5 mm jack for your headphone. The power button however is located on the top side of the phone. The phone has a 2.8 inches touchscreen with a disappointing 640*480 pixel resolution. There is also a unique feature called retina branding. The phone has a Blackberry conventional Qwerty Keypad, which has been excellently designed with some extra keys for convenient navigation.

Final Say

Blackberry phones has always been termed as classy and corporate phones. The lack of some of the essential hardware and software features were a setback for them. With Blackberry including these features in the model, this phone is now set to take Blackberry to new levels.

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