Bigg Boss – The Most TRP rated Show on Indian television Screens

By | October 13, 2015

Bigg Boss is one of the fascinating TV reality shows that had gathered the attention of Indian audience. Popular faces from Television and Cinema join Bigg Boss as contestants. The contestants might have a clean image or may be involved in some or the other controversy. This TV reality show had broken the TRP records last year and is back again with a boom. There are different websites that can provide you the information about Bigg Boss contestants profile.

Bigg Boss Show Format

The format of this reality show is easy to understand. Several contestants take part in the show and try to gather public attentions, who are voting them for their every move in Bigg Boss house. The participants stay in the same house cut from the outside world. There is no phone, no internet, and they are rarely allowed to establish contact with family or friend. Each and every action of the family member is recorded on hidden cameras in Bigg Boss House. Bigg Boss gossips are heard loud on Television screens.

Bigg Boss TV Broadcasters: Watch Online

In India, Bigg Boss is telecasted on Colors Channel. The rights of distribution of this show are possessed by Viacom Pictures. Bigg Boss has completed its 8 seasons successfully and the ninth season had started with the same hope. Though the host had been changed in early years, but now Salman Khan had been the host of this great Indian reality show since couple of years. Bigg Boss gossips can also be heard on radio as well as you can watch Bigg Boss online too. The shows are highlighted on official website of Colors. You may find some of the episodes on YouTube.

Why Bigg Boss always has so many Controversies?

Bigg Boss is the TV show where most of the contestants are from Cinema and television. Their attitudes and point of views are different from one another. This is the major reason why Bigg Boss is always associated with too many controversies. Bigg Boss contestants profile is not so clear that it might appear in first few weeks. The real faces of each and every contestant could be seen later on as the show progresses.

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