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By | November 7, 2013

WordPress is one of the most used CMS (Content Management System) these days. WordPress Plugins adds many special features to your site in terms of search engine optimization, theme customization, social bookmarking, and many more other functionalities. Every Plugin in WordPress has its own importance and functionality. Nowadays every web developer or blogger mainly works on the optimization of their sites. There is a strong competition between All in One SEO Pack Plugin and SEO by Yoast Plugin to win the title of best SEO WordPress Plugin 2014. So, here we are talking about the best SEO Plugin for WordPress.

All in One SEO Plugin for WordPress: – There are so many Plugins are available in WordPress which increases the optimization and indexing of your site in Google as well as in other search engines also. “All in One SEO Pack Plugin for WordPress” is one of the most used plugins in WordPress for search engine optimization of website. Almost every blogger or web developer used this Plugin. It is expected that it will come under the category of top SEO WordPress Plugins 2014. This Plugin automatically increases the Search Engine Optimization of your site in no time.

All in One SEO Pack Features: – All in One SEO Pack has lots of features and functionalities by which this Plugin optimizes the site perfectly in all search engines. SEO by Yoast Plugin is also a very good and SEO compatible plugin for WordPress. Both these plugins are on the top list of best SEO WordPress Plugins 2013. As it has lots of features, so it’s not possible to describe all the features of All in One SEO Pack. Here, we describe the main functionalities and All in One SEO Pack Features for you.

1. Automatically generates Meta tags.
2. Optimizes almost all keywords you put in the keyword section.
3. Supports Google Analytics.
4. Optimize every article or post on your site.
5. Optimize images as well.

This Plugin is available for everyone and anyone can get the benefits of this Plugin. You can download this Plugin from the official site of WordPress or you can search this Plugin in WordPress account in Plugin Section.

How to Install All in One SEO Pack Plugin: – After successful downloading of this Plugin, user might be confused in installing this Plugin. Now don’t worry about that. Here, we give the steps of installing All in One SEO Pack Plugin. So, you need not ask anybody that how to install All in One SEO Pack Plugin.

1. Login into your WordPress account.
2. Go to Add new Plugin section and click on the upload.
3. Then upload this Plugin from your computer system.

How to Activate All in One SEO Pack: – After successful installing of this Plugin has been done, you didn’t forget to activate this Plugin. Just click on the activate button to enable All in One SEO Pack.

All In One SEO Pack Benefits: – This Plugin has endless benefits and advantages. It is one of the finest optimizer Plugin for the sites. Some of the main All In One SEO Pack benefits are given below:-

1. No need to aware about HTML coding.
2. Easily accessible and understandable.
3. Non-blogger also use this Plugin very easily.

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