Best SEO Tips for eCommerce Website

By | February 12, 2014

Search engine plays a vital role in converting your traffic into selling products.  Google few years back introduced Panda and penguin update, in which they penalized the affiliates and duplicate content writers. It is now must for the eCommerce owners to write a unique description for the product as well description about the seller and contact info.  It is recommended for every eCommerce site owner to just follow the white hat methods of SEO. In this post I am listing few SEO tips that will help to get more traffic, increase your ranking on Google and ultimately help in selling more products online.

seo tips

  1. Be image friendly
  2. It is transparent to say that “A picture says thousand tales”. It is a fact that images are the one who enhance the visitors to read the full content or attract them to visit the whole page. Images also help to facilitate in search engine optimization. When you are selling the product on your eCommerce it is the most necessary thing to keep attractive images of the product you are selling. Below the image keep a short description about the product. Put all the correct information and pictures only. Add tags to the images, this will render more SEO edge of the site. Use those tags that are more likely to be searched on Search engine.

  3. Stick to unique content
  4. The description that you make about the product must be unique. Descriptions are the only way to convey about your product to the customer. So make it informative and understandable for the customers.  Do not ever make a mistake of copying the description; as it can influence bad idea of selling the product. Make a unique descriptive description and make your customers happy.

  5. Use best Shopping cart software
  6. WordPress is the best shopping cart software and is recommended to use it.  To stay away with latest technologies and changing methods every day, it is necessary to switch with the premium software regardless. Use theme and design that are SEO friendly for your site. Also develop a mobile site so that you can increase your sale form mobile even.

  7. Reduce the page loading time
  8. One of the best ways that can help to sell your goods is to optimize page performance. Increase your page loading time evenly. If the time taken to visit the page is more it may tend to lose your visitors, because every audience dislikes waiting. They refrain on closing the site. So increase page loading time and make Google as well your customers happy.

  9. Blend SEO tactics to boost Ecommerce
  10. There are so many SEO methods that will help to increase your ranking and boost up your site. You can even hire companies that provide SEO services in bangalore and other cities that help you to rank in Google and increase your sales.

SEO is not one day game. You have to maintain your regularity and efforts in applying all the SEO methods to make your site reach a new height. Implement all these killer tips listed above and make your site compete with the huge sites like eBay, Flipkart and Snapdeal.

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