AskMe App Review

By | October 6, 2014

The new trend in social networking world is the use of apps, be it Whatsapp or we chat or any other app which deals in consumer markets and as per the statistics, people are showing huge interests in these android apps. The other day, I saw Ranbir Kapoor in a commercial holding a board with the line “The Bapp of all apps” and I thought that what can be the key feature of it as its claiming. When I tried using it, I got to know that the title satisfies the requirements of users in terms of speed and versatility.

AskMe is a simple and user friendly app which consists of millions of businesses that are running in your country. The home screen consists of three fields. The first field requires the user to put the search query of their choice, the second field sets the location and the third field is the corresponding city where search is needed to be carried out. Sometimes application detects your city field automatically using your phone’s GPS and sometimes it requires to be put manually. Under the city field, the search option is there, upon clicking of which will give you the required result. It will also provide you the related search results regarding your query along with the best deals of your search. The search results give all the details such as the dealer name, contact info, services provided by them thereby enabling you to directly communicate with the dealer. Just like olx or quiker apps, you can also post free ads there and see the ads posted by others.

AskMe washes away the need for switching to many apps for different things. The AskMe Bazaar stands out the most amidst all other features. Getit Infoservices Pvt. Ltd. facilitated their own retail online shop where you can shop anything starting from clothes, footwear to mobiles, gadgets, home appliances, etc.

When they are claiming it as “The bapp of all apps”, they are certainly not wrong as the app provides huge number of features in one single app and it works fine at 2G speed. I would suggest an android user to definitely try this app and it can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

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