Are you about to join Twitter? Here’s a guideline you can’t afford to miss

By | January 23, 2014

While social media is a boom for some, it’s a bane for others. Well, whatever is your reason behind joining a social networking website, it’s absolutely essential to strike that perfect balance between your personal life as well as your professional persona. Among the crowd of social media platforms, Twitter has outgrown as one of the best spaces for connecting with friends and developing an online brand. If you too are gearing up for joining Twitter, landing on this blog marks your good fortune. Here, I’ll be offering you some brilliant tips on how you can enjoy the benefits of Twitter, without hampering your lifestyle and your life’s goals.


A brief on what Twitter is all about

In addition to serving as an excellent platform for meeting friends and colleagues, Twitter is considered an essential service for people whose need to update their business information via regular communications with the customers. Posting “tweets” viz: little updates about your business can definitely aid you in growing your clientele by a commendable level. Average length of a “tweet” is 140 characters or less. The hyperlinked text within your tweets redirects the readers to your official website, making you traceable among potential consumers. By accommodating messages through SMS and mobile networks, Twitter helps in establishing a connection between individuals hailing from different arenas.

Now, the guidelines that are a must-know before you delve into the world of Twitter

Before creating an account with Twitter, there are certain points you must make a note of. Below, I’ve jotted down these important concerns that Twitter registration brings along:

  • Never register as a ROBOT

Although Twitter’s public nature might scare you away from sharing some of your personal details out of work topics, it’s highly recommended to avoid creating a Twitter account as a robot. Posting tweets anonymously can actually hinder people from knowing about you and hence you may lose a high-paying lead.

  • Respect the “Public” nature of Twitter

The first step towards enhancing Twitter experience is recognizing the fact that Twitter is a purely public network. In other words, unlike Facebook, Twitter resembles a professional conference that offers open invitations to one and all. You need to remember that anything you post on Twitter can be seen by everyone in the world. Whether it’s your employer, relative, partner, friend or a potential client; everyone will be able to view your tweets.

  • Avoid controversial/sensitive topics

As a general thumb rule in Twitter usage, it’s recommended to avoid posting tweets on an issue that can result into misunderstandings or clashes within the society. If you’re an employer, never ever complain about your employer or a previous client. While posting tweets, avoid mentioning any kind of illicit topics.


  • Don’t take matters too seriously

Since Twitter is an open platform, there might be situations wherein some tweets by people may tend to offend you. Hence, as an important rule, make sure not to overanalyze things on Twitter. Just keep it natural and be yourself while posting your own tweets or commenting on anyone else’s tweets.


  • Consider what your audience wants

It can become boring if you continue tweeting things that are focused on a single topic. People access Twitter to get opinions on a variety of subjects and not on one topic. Hence, make it a point to use your general Twitter account to display your diverse interests and passions, rather than sticking to a single line of conversation.


  • Indulge in healthy interaction sessions with people on Twitter

Since Twitter is all about sharing interests, experiences and passions, you need to make sure to interact with people who’re keen on getting insights on topics that interest you as well. Don’t forget to inject a personal tone into your tweets, thereby making them a tool for interaction. While posting tweets, make sure you’re well familiar with the basic difference between personal and private. Never mix professional tweets with personal ones.

Final Words

Twitter is indeed an excellent medium of staying in touch with the outside world. You get to know a lot about all the things that are happening across the globe. Also, sharing your experiences and gathering opinions becomes convenient when you have a Twitter account. So, get going and follow the guidelines mentioned above to explore everything that Twitter has got in store for you.

Have a guideline to add to the above list; please don’t hesitate in using the comments box below.


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