Apple iwatch Launch Date, Price, Specifications, Wiki

By | July 8, 2014

Apple iwatch Leaked Images Technologies are become as important as blood in a person’s life whether it is a student or a doctor or it may be a business. In this technological world, everyone is totally addicted to technology. No one can survive easily without technologies. Therefore, technology plays a vital role in human’s life. With the rapid increase in population new technologies are also invented.

Apple iwatch Features

Apple is also bringing its iwatch in this technological world. Apple iwatch is a small wearable computing smart phone device which we can wear on wrist. It is expected to be made of curved glass. It is a device with which we can make call, check caller id and excess visual voice mail, weather update, offer map coordinates and direction. Apple tries to expand their work from mobile to wrist watches. Recent reports from reputable sources like router and the Wall Street Journal have pointed towards multiple screen sizes for the iwatch, in sizes up to 2.5 inches diagonally. The iwatch face, said to be slightly from a band to create an arch shape on the wrist. Everybody wants to see a watch with true wow factor and for that many are looking for apple. So assuming that the iwatch will release in 2014.

Apple iwatch Apps

Smart watches have been the next big thing since 1982 but this year is going to be different. Apple iwatch is capable of tracking health related factors, and also speculated to serve as a complete hub. Apple iwatch is capable of tracking health related factors and also speculated to serve as a complete hub. Apple has many more functions which are very beneficial in this technological world. As supposed, apple iwatch will prove a very beneficial and useful in this busy world. Apple iwatch has many interesting features like it work independently, but tasks like messaging and voice chats will require some connection to a smartphone. Apple iwatch will be available in two sizes. It could sport a fashionable look and will be able to work with the iPhone, i-pad and mac. One of the biggest concerns about smart watches and wearable in general is battery life. In terms of battery life apple may have something different in mind. Apple is testing newer and innovative ways for charging methods for the watch.

Apple iwatch Specifications

Other than battery and display, we also know a few tidbits about some other feature of the device. Apple is working on some new censures that can assist professional athletes during their training exercises. Apple’s health kit could be capable of tracking steps, calories burn, heat rate and more. As the year passes, we have been hearing about apple going on a medical expert hiring spree. The new health kit app is said to be capable of pulling in data from other third party apps and this can be accessed by health care professionals, As well off course depending on how much excess users give to this app. However, the company has now introduced the health kit app platform and it is unclear whether the app will be called health book or apple may simply call it health.


In this technological world everyone wants to make every work easier. People want to do smart ward instead of hard word. Speculation has been mounting that apple was preparing to launch iwatch which include multiple health and fitness sensors and excess to features such as messages and notification though integration with the iPhone and i-Pad.

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