Amazon Hologram 3D Phone Price, Specifications, Features

By | October 11, 2014

In this competitive and globalized world, a company becomes obsolete if it doesn’t innovate. If the company has to become a great company from just a good company you have to work hard and smart to stay as a major player in the game. The philosophy is followed very diligently by Amazon. It started from being an online book selling company and now has forayed into all the possible domains. Kindle was one of the earliest gadgets that the company had launched and the list has continued since then. The next in line was the Fire tablet and then the Fire TV. One of the latest offering rom the company is the new smartphone that the company is planning to launch around June 2014. It will be available for purchase in around September 2014.

Amazon Hologram 3D Phone Features

Let us have a closer look at the features of this amazing gadget. The most amazing and distinctive feature is that it will have a 3D screen. Another amazing part is that it will be glasses free 3D scree. This is supposed to be the unique selling point of the phone if you let other awesome features take a backseat. The performance of the 3D screen is amazing and is supposed to deliver what it promises in terms of visual quality, like other Amazon products. This is going to be a boon for online shoppers, as they can shop even more conveniently with a 3D display. The phone will have a stunning 4.7 inches display with a 720 pixel resolution. It will have an amazing resolution of 1136*640 pixels. It might not be much greater than what other counterparts offer, but the effect may be entirely different in a 3D display. Although, there might be a constraint but the 3D display may not be applicable to all the applications that the phone will run. It may be applicable to few applications, home screen, wall papers, lock screen and maps. It also has a feature that even when you are using maps, as you change or move the phone in any direction; the object view will change to produce a 3D effect.

Amazon Hologram 3D Phone Specifications

The phone will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with a 2GB RAM. This will make the phone fast and quick. You might not have problems in using multiple applications at a single time using this processor. Another mind blasting feature of the phone is that it has 6 cameras. This blew us up, when we compare it to the other phones which have only two cameras- one front and one rear. The phone will have a camera on all the sides. This will let you quick photographs from any angle and any view and in any which way you want. The front camera is 12 MP and the rear camera is 13 MP. The phone will be available in two variations- a low cost variation with the reduced features may also be made available at a lower price.

With all these amazing features, the market is now waiting for the phone to come and display its unique strengths.

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