Acer Iconia A1-380- A Designer Masterpiece

By | October 9, 2014

The age of globalization and consumerism has not yet been able to commoditize the aspirational value of the products. One such product is the gadget that you use. People have moved on from Pc’s to palmtops to phones and now the latest ones are the tablets. The tablets have improved drastically from the time they were launched to what they are today. One attributed reason can be the cut throat competition in the market. There are major players to dominate and there are smaller and local players which are stealing away the market share significantly. Some of the players are the ones which have diversified their product portfolio and enhanced it to include the tablets as one of their product. One such company is Acer. Acer has launched a new product called Acer Iconia A1-380.

Acer Iconia A1-380 Specifications

The tablet has been launched recently and is a simple buy at a reasonable bargain. The dimensions of the tablet are 8*5.4*0.32 inches. The thickness on the sides is very less making it one if the thinnest tablet available. It weighs around 0.83 pounds. This weight is measurably high if compared to other tablets in the market in the same range. So if you are buying it, reading may not be very comfortable and convenient on this possession of yours. It has a typical 4:3 aspect ratio. The tablet is available in gorgeous white and silver themes. The corners have been rounded to give you a smooth feeling while holding it in your hands. The company has also not provided for any grip enhancers to make your hand have a firm hold on the tablet. The rear end of the tablet is made of aluminum and has a black metallic luster that lends a very elegant and rich look to the tablet. The company logo is on the bottom side in the center. The power button is located on the top right corner of the tablet along with the volume buttons.

Acer Iconia A1-380 Features

The tablet has a number of conventional ports like a micro HDMI port, a micro USB port and the unconventional microphone pinhole. The tablet has in built dual speakers to enhance your music appearance. It also has the 3.5 mm jack to let you insert your headphones for listening to music. The tablet has an inherent memory which can be increased to up to 32 GB by insertion of a micro SD card. The tablet runs a pretty decent version of android i.e. Android v4.2.2. There are a number of preloaded applications that come with the tablet, but none of them or the interface is very exciting. You will not be able to differentiate the experience from using your android phone. So it will be a preferred device for people who do not like a drastic change in their user interface. There are some applications developed by Acer for this tablet, like a beautiful and user friendly image app. It has two cameras- a front facing secondary camera and a primary camera located on the top in the rear of the tablet.

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