5 important things which every SEO expert should have

By | November 8, 2015

Search engine optimization has become the need of every website or blog and now a day expert of this field are in really high demand so every company is hiring them and every blogger is learning it from other blogs, some are learning it by joining coaching and institutes of digital marketing also. For becoming professional search optimization expert you should have so many things which are required to make you an expert from just a beginner and below we are describing them.

1. Knowledge of the way and rules

  1. You should understand what keyword research is and how to do it?
  2. How to optimize our decided keyword in our website using on page optimizations.
  3. Rules of using anchor text properly when we are doing link building or off page seo.
  4. How you can check web master tools and use Google analytics for improving performance of website.
  5. Proper knowledge of different terminology used in optimization and how to use them for doing search engine optimization.

Remember my friends, if you want to get job for seo then above knowledge will be useful and you can face them in seo interview questions answers series also.

2. Free Internet Marketing Tools

There are number of free internet marketing tools available which help us in making our task very easier and we can use them for making strategy of work, checking the quality, finding error and recovering websites from the penalization also.

Ahrefs – I use this tool for finding newly created back links for my website and checking anchor text ratio also to find we should do link building in proper ratio and avoid over optimization also.

Openlinkprofiler.org – It is link auditing tool and by using it we can find the quality back links which competitors has used in their websites and by applying them on our websites also we can steal their ranking.

Dropmylink.com – We use it for finding right sources for submission purpose like guest posting, blog commenting and forum posting also.

3. Content Writer

If you are efficient content writer then its ok otherwise you need a professional writer who is able to write conversion oriented content which will improve the ROI of your business. There is great role of unique content and if you need to get success in less time then you must use unique content for every submission for creating back links.

4. Motivation

You should be clear that search engine optimization don’t give result in one day or one month so you should have patience for waiting for at least three to four months or sometimes when you feel upset for waiting then you should read best one line quotes on motivation of successful internet marketer and read their case studies regularly also.

5. Decision Making

There are so many decision taking phases when we have to decide for changing our strategies and removing our old work also like disavow links which is getting rid of harmful backlinks but for this purpose you should have clear mind and perfect idea of effect of your taken decision also. Thanks.

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