10 Mistakes You Mustn’t Make When Owning a Magento Store

By | May 27, 2014

Almost every online merchant today realizes about the resourcefulness of Magento – to build a splendid and an ingenious ecommerce store. A lot of the merchants own a Magento store, but running it successfully in today’s competitive and wobbly web sphere is a not an easy feast. Unfortunately, many online merchants often tend to make mistakes that they need to avoid at all costs, so as to make their e-commerce store survive and prosper.
Here is a list of top 10 mistakes that you shouldn’t do when running a Magento store:

10 Mistakes You Mustn't Make When Owning a Magento Store

The Blog is Not Required

Many e-shopping store owners believe that they don’t require a blog in their store, as they perceive that online buyers visit a web store to only make purchases. That’s a wrong perception! With dozens of new e-commerce stores emerging in the online arena – why would someone want to visit your store again? In order to retain the attention of your customers, it’s imperative to establish a bonding with them. And a blog is a great option that lets you communicate with your customers. It not only let people know about your business and latest offerings, but also present solutions to your customer’s queries and issues. It presents you a way to keep your customers engaged.

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Slow Loading Time

This is a common and the most critical factor that can leave a bad impact your e-commerce business. Online merchants often make their online store over-board with a copious number of product entries or affiliate links. Stuffing up your web portal increases your page load time, and as a result your website loads too slowly. According to some studies, visitors take only a few seconds to abandon a site. And in case your website takes time to open, the more likely visitors will leave your site and may rather visit your competitor’s site.

Our Website Design is Perfect

When setting up a new Magento store every business owner ensures to apply the best design and techniques to the store. But keep in mind that online surfers incessantly evolve over time, and after a period of time it becomes mandatory to up-lift even your superb store with custom features. Hence, considering you have perfected your design is something you need to re-think. To grab attention of prospective buyers, time and again you’ll need to embed exclusive design, layout and new functionalities to your site. In doing so, you can consider taking up Custom Magento Development Service.

Inoperative Site Search

As you may know online shopping store usually comprise of numerous product categories. Sometimes finding a single product from the long-list of categories can be hard for the customers. Thus, it’s important that your site’s search functionality is operative and provide relevant search results.

Not Concentrating on Shipping Options

When selecting an e-commerce site, shipping options provided in your site largely influences the online buyers’ attitudes and behavior. Bear in mind, around 44% of online shopper abandons a shopping cart due to delivery time and the price quoted for the delivery of the product. What’s more? It has been observed that free shipping help draws more visitors to a site. But a lot of e-store owners neglect paying much heed to the delivery methods and price of the product that needs to be delivered. So, make sure to pay due importance to keeping the shipping options that can lead to higher traffic to your site.

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The Site is Not Mobile Compatible

Smartphones has gained huge acceptance from people all around the world. As a matter of fact, people are increasingly moving to their pocket-size handsets to surf the web in order to make purchases. Therefore, it’s important that your online site runs properly on mobile devices. To build a mobile compatible e-commerce store, you must look for Hire Magento Developer having apt experienced and skill to give appropriate look and feel of your site for the different mobile devices.

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Overlooking Social Media

Although, you don’t need to be present in all the social networking channels you may lay your eyes upon, but it’s important to evaluate what your customers are saying about your store. If you’re getting positive feedback from customers, it’s good to thank them back. But, in case you hear some complaints, then you can make use of social media to address what your customer’s didn’t like about you.

Putting up Unclear Product Picture

Customer’s when preferring to shop online usually have limited knowledge of the products. And product images play a major role in helping customer’s gain accurate perception of the product. Therefore, putting up high quality product pictures help online shoppers’ know whether the product meets their requirements or not. Posting good quality pictures help attract buyers’ attention more than low-quality pictures. In fact, putting up unclear or small product images can create a negative impression on a customer’s perception about your product.

Don’t Block Negative Reviews

With multiple online stores out there in the online marketplace, in order to find the best store – online shoppers’ tend to search for product reviews and reviews concerning the e-shopping store services. So, if you come across some negative reviewers don’t block it rather learn where you went wrong.

Irrelevant Product Categorization

While preparing the list of product categories you wish to add up in your store, do consider your customer’s perspective. Put simply, give meaningful names to the product categories so that your site visitors can easily filter out the items they intend to buy.
To conclude, there are several factors that need your consideration if you want to make your e-commerce business survive in today’s elevating neck-to-neck competitive web arena. The aforementioned are a few points you must contemplate about when choosing to build a Magento powered store.

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